Semi Leotax, beautiful but vignetting??!!

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by ralf_j., Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Hello all - Acquired a Semi Leotax and after had it cla's took it for a spin to Bear Mountain, upstate NY. The lens seems great and it is coated however the results were all vignetted and am a little upset about that. I used no filters or step up rings, the lens was totally bare(this type only takes push on filters). Any ideas? Please check the images of the camera and sample photo.
  2. A close up of the lens assembly:
  3. I don't see any sample photo- are they actually black at the corners, or just darker?
  4. and finally an image on Provia 100, thanks for your help as always.
  5. That's definately vignetting, alright. Did you ever use it prior to having it CLA'd? Were the bellows patched or repaired when it was CLA'd? My only thought is that one pleat might have been reinforced, and isn't unfolding all the way, cutting into the image circle. Looking at one of my similar Zeiss 515s, I really can't see anything else that could be getting in the way, unless the rear cell of the lens is mounted wierdly.
  6. All the pleats seem in place correctly. I folded and unfolded the camera back and fourth several times and nothing comes in the path of the image. I did not have a chance to use it before CLA as the camera was not usable (it was firing at one speed only).
    I will bring it to the guy that cla-d it tomorrow and see what he has to say.
  7. Your shutter blades might not be opening completely. Without film, set a very slow shutter speed and look thru the lens while you fire the shutter (full lens aperture). Watch to see if the blades open all the way before they start to close.

  8. Not being familiar with that camera- is it possible that it is supposed to have some sort of mask that is missing (Holga style)?

    I thought that generally, a smaller aperture would reduce vignetting- so that if a leaf shutter were very near the diaphragm, that would not induce the problem. Maybe it got moved away from the diaphagm somehow?

    Is it possible that the lens was disassembled and then reassembled incorrectly at some point? (front lens on back or something?)
  9. I brought it to my repairman today and he seemed puzzled looking at my slides as well; he promised he would take a look anyways and he is one of the best around.

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