Selling used collectible cameras and lenses in USA

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  1. Is it possible ( and fair) to list which companies in US pay fair value for the old, antique and collectible cameras?
    Also is it possible to get a list of the companies which specialize in buying old photo equipment , repairing them and selling them?
    I have flashes, tripods & cameras that are repairable but not worth keeping them for my use. I would like to donate them (or give them away) if somebody is willing to pay the shipping costs. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thank you!
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    Fair value is in the minds of the buyer rather than the seller. KEH Camera, like most dealers offers about 50-60% of what you might get selling yourself, and generally is very conservative in its evaluation of desirability and condition. Used Camera, part of Roberts Camera, likewise does a lot of business in used cameras. Youxin Ye and DAG specialize in Leica and sales of the best of the best. If you're giving gear away, you might check with local photo clubs, community colleges.
  3. Thank you very much! Appreciate your information. I will check the shops out.
  4. I also mentioned that I would like to give away the repairable flashes for the cost of the shipping. I have one Metz202 set, and two Sunpak 544 sets. Please pass the word around. Thank you!
  5. The market dictates fair value? That's nonsense, this market is unpredictable and wholly incalculable because of complex human variables involving values. Way too sophisticated because it relies on no set standards and only assumed artificially created values. People are easily manipulated and values often altered with orchestrated efforts purposefully done, People unqualified to begin with (who appointed them?) set standards other people just naturally assume they should follow, and since so many people insist on following so easily? They of course are demanding to be taken in the first place so they don't have to think...Fair Market Value, the one that inflates things without reason and the people just allow it without question - Fair to who?
  6. All you're describing is the combined effect of advertising, peer pressure, social media influence, etc., etc. All of which affect the market value of a particular item.

    Those factors that go into setting a 'fair' market value, have little to do with fairness in its meaning of being equitable. A 'fair' market value simply means the average price paid for an item, based on demand and condition at a particular point in time.

    What's the fair market value for a daub of paint on a canvas? Depends if it's signed by 'Joe Nobody' or by 'Picasso'.
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