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Discussion in 'Business of Photography' started by loretta_stephens, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering if there is anyone here who sells on Etsy and what kind of experience they're having.
    Also, I was wondering if you could offer a few tips to someone who is thinking about possibly doing the same.

    As always, any help or information I get will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much,
  2. SCL


    I've always sold on Ebay because of much wider usage, hence, exposure of my offerings. I've bought occasionally on Etsy, but overall their buyer & seller protections don't seem to me to be as as robust as Ebay.
  3. I sell there and am happy, but it is hit and miss. I stopped advertising on the site, because I felt the ad clicks were bots and not people, costing me $. But, I do enjoy selling there. I price my photos and I keep most of my money, unlike other sites where you decide a markup. Hope this helps.
  4. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Since the OP has not visited the site since 2017, I feel any further comments may be superfluous.
  5. Etsy is one quirky place. I'll go on a limb and say it's not worth the effort. The only "sales" I've experienced there have been my annual calendars. We're definitely not talking impressive numbers either. It's really difficult for both artists and photographers, in particular, to generate sales on a consistent basis. When you visit Etsy, they don't hide the fact that they are not about Art and especially no photographic arts. In fact, they lump art in with collectibles in their drop-down menu. I'd say it's deemphasized. In their category widgets, they don't even list art at all. Not exactly great screen real estate. Etsy highlights products and rotates them weekly. You'll see candles, shelves, sweaters & mittens, gadgets for the campfire... but art or photography? LOL, let me know! It's pretty clear from the homepage, Etsy is all 'bout the crafts.
  6. I sold about $450 of photo prints in January. It takes time to build up a base, to get noticed and to put in the work it takes to be found by their search engines. Ive been selling there for about 4 years, and am 2 sales away from 175. Not a great amount mind you, but good enough to keep plugging away.

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