Selling Images. Brides wanting DVD of Orginals. What Do You Do?

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by mreul, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. I just started reading this thread (it came up in a search for something else).

    I wonder if things have changed in the 10 years since it was last posted.

    I don't know about weddings, but I do know that more and more professional portrait studios put the CD or DVD into their packages.

    From the film days, I knew of wedding photographers that, at the end of the day, gave the bride a bag full of undeveloped film.

    Presumably charging appropriately.

    Maybe this is the unbundling that is coming in many places now.
  2. Sandy Vongries

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    I used to do some weddings at a country church for young people who didn't have a lot. Cost of two rolls of 35mm film, two mailers and $25 for the photog. Seemed to work for the customers -- no complaints -- a little better than half a century ago.
  3. This is a tricky one. I never used to give out my files because I wanted to ensure the highest quality at every stage of my process.
  4. What finally made me decide to be a hard case on this topic was a bride who was a bit older and was marrying for the third time. It was the most sour looking group of people I have ever encountered. It was film era and the deposit check bounced. Foolishly I took a second check for the full amount, which also bounced. Then the bride called and demanded a full refund and wanted all the prints and all the negatives and threatened to call the sheriff if I didn't comply. My response was the legally required 10-day notice about the bad checks and then my own trip to the sheriffs office. I finally got paid but it was a huge pain, not worth the trouble. I finally decided to never give negatives and now files of any kind to anyone ever. So far no problem.

    Rick H.

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