Self-Timer for Hasselblad 501CM/503CW- Does It Work in Slow Shutter Speeds(1/8 or slower)?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by flying_tiger, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. Hi, in Nov 04 I asked about self-timer and L-shape connector for
    503CW and I got a lot of useful info. Thanks.

    However, there is still one unanswered question. Will a mechanic
    self-time work on 503CW at slow shutter speeds - 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 1
    second? When shooting at these speeds, the shutter release button
    need to be held for a little longer time than the shutter speed so
    that the auxilary shutter will be held open long enough. For
    example, at 1 second, shutter release will need to be held for
    longer than 1 second.

    Will a HAMA self-timer hold the shutter release for 1 second of
    longer? What's your experience and recommendations? Thanks.

  2. three words: mirror lock up.
  3. A mirror lock up before exposure will not solve the problem. There has to be something to keep the auxiliary shutter open for the duration of the exposure. 503CX bodies were equipped with this little time-exposure lock - which doesn't work too with cable release. A "C" type lens with self-timer would do it perfectly well. I've currently purchased a pneumatic 20 feet long release for this purpose.
  4. I use a C Lens and set the shutter release to "T"

  5. as far as i remember MLU on 500CM opens the rear "shutter" as well.
  6. Prerelease does indeed open the rear shutter. But the problem is that there's nothing keeping it open once the camera progressed to the next step in its cycle, the one in which the lens shutter is tripped.
    The shutter starts its cycle while the rear baffle doors slam shut. Not good.

    (By the way: could we not use the words "lock up" for prerelease? The mirror is not locked in the up position. It is merely put there awaiting things to come, which do include it coming down again. Where's the "lock" in all of that?
    There are cameras that have mirror lock up, i.e. the mirror goes up and stays up, no matter what. The 500-series Hasselblads are not among them.)

    And just to avoid confusion: neither the locking lever nor the self timer in C-lenses provide a solution.
    First, because if Richard had lenses with self timer built-in, he wouldn't be asking about add-on self timer units... ;-)

    Next (as was pointed out correctly): the release button locking lever does not work when using a cable release. And that release button locking lever is not found on a 503 CW to begin with.

    Using a long pneumatic release makes no difference, except (which will be the intention) when kept depressed for the duration. Works (providing the pneumatic thing has no major leaks) great.
    However, this is the "do not" solution to a "how to" question... ;-)

    I'm sorry, but i too do not know whether the HAMA unit, or any other unit, will 'hold' for long enough. I guess it's a matter of finding a dealer who stocks these things and 'try before you buy'.

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