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  1. Hi,
    I've recently taken an interest in fine art nudes. I'm using myself as the model and mostly taking them myself using the timer or remote shutter release, but of course, it's quite difficult. I have a few examples posted in my gallery.
    Has anyone had much success taking nudes in this way? If so, are there any techniques you learnt to make it easier?
    I'm also looking to make contact with other photographers starting out in the fine art field, to share techniques and experiences.
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  2. Well, I'm sure this will increase the view numbers for your portfolio. Maybe I should try it :)
    Another Miss Aniela in the making?
  3. Seriously, I think that you can do this with a digital camera, because you can reshoot yourself as often as you need to in order to get your position right. Look up the photographer I mentioned above for some inspiration if you haven't already. There's a blog there. Whether you use a self-timer on yourself or a live model, it's the same thing: it's all about setting up the right lighting, and then experimenting. I would say you're doing pretty well already.
  4. One technique that might be helpful in doing this type of thing is a tethered video camera positioned very close (inches) to the camera lens axis, so you can have precise feedback on your poses.
  5. I just ran across this:
  6. Thanks for the responses folks. Yes, having a DSLR means I can experiment as much as I like, which is what I'm doing, except it's getting frustrating to take a 1000 just to get 1 right :)
    A tethered video camera is a good idea, never thought of that. I should do that and have the feed plugged into a monitor. I've also thought about upgrading to a continuous shooting camera.
    I guess I was looking for a magic answer that doesn't exist though :) I think I'll continue copying poses that seem easy enough to do on ones own.
  7. Not nudes, but Cindy Sherman's made a career of photographing herself.
    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video
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    You should check out Natacha Merritt but also be aware that some of her work depicts explicit sex. However, most doesn't. She is in all the photos as far as I know.
  9. Gee, I wrote a rather benigne, helpful respone to this thread. Did it not go through, or was it removed? It would have been after Rob's. Maybe it never went through..... Jeff, do you know??
  10. Dave, I saw your post and I think another one after that. They both seem to have been removed, not sure why. I didn't see anything wrong with either of them...
    BTW Maggie, if you lived near me, I'd be happy to help with your photos. Hard to find willing models here too.
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    Several posts were removed, but not Dave's. Posters whose posts were removed were notified. And there was quite a bit wrong with them, they questioned the veracity of the original poster.
  12. OK, thanks gents.
  13. Yes I think annoyed one of the members with the audacity of this post and his comments appear to be removed. I didn't request that; everyone is entitled to their opinion - but I guess a mod deleted them. My fault I guess, I'm quite active in our local photography club discussions and kind of didn't stop to think that such forwardness would be considered disingenuous. I thought my photos were tame enough not to be considered a proposition :) I'm just after specific advice for this field and nothing more.
    Oh well, lesson learned, I'll be more discreet next time. And there have been some good suggestions so far, thanks for that.
  14. My fault I guess, I'm quite active in our local photography club discussions and kind of didn't stop to think that such forwardness would be considered disingenuous.​
    That was probably due more to the fact that you had just signed up and it was your first post here. Had you been around the forums before making other posts you probably wouldn't have had such a reception.
    There are a lot of "people" who sign on here, make a single post that can seem like an odd request and are never heard from again. Not everyone is who they claim to be, and I think that was more the issue than the actual post itself.
    OK, back to the topic at hand...
  15. Welcome to the community!
    I recommend taking an extended look around the various portfolios. If you need a place to start, take a look at Massimiliano Uccelletti and John Peri, and then follow the links to portfolios on which they have commented.
    There are a million variations on lighting and background and that might be the place to start, and then jump into the mix. Experiment!
    You also may want to explore the classic pin-up artists at for inspiration and pose ideas.
    Good Luck!
  16. I think the images you posted in your portfolio are well done. You have good control of lighting and have composed the images well. You can study other's self-nudes but, in your case, I would suggest that you just keep going and see where it leads you.
  17. I too have just started taking nudes of myself. I would be gratefull for any feedback!
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  18. I've been taking a lot of self-Portraits lately, most were very close up and required accurate focusing on my eyes. Not an easy task.
    I'll run you through my initial approach, which worked quite well, and then some enhancements. Some examples of this approach are here
    Start by placing a marker (masking tape usually) on the ground and taking a shot, then go back and check the composition, re-adjust your position. Repeat until happy.
    Then worry about focus. Just focus and re-shoot until focus is approximately where you need it.
    Then you just need to keep shooting and move your body into the right position until you have the shot. Can be bloody infuriating...
    I made this significantly easier by purchasing an external intervalometer. Basically this lets me stay in position and shoot off multiple shots so I don't have to run off to the camera every time and re-set myself. Very handy, saves a lot of time and frustration.
    It also can autofocus the camera if you're not too fussed about exactly where you're focused. also handy.
    Anyway, I hope this helps. Keep us posted with how it goes.
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  19. Do you have a live view camera? put in a HDMI cable too your compute or tv and place it place it where you can see it easily. an other method is to try Capture One you can download and try it free for 30 days you can take pictures so they are visible on the computer screen the same moment you push the shutter. nice start so far.

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