Self contained Hasselblad V-series digital backs

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  1. I know that several companies make digital backs for the V-series Hasselblad cameras. Which ones do not have to be attached to a computer while being used?
  2. You have the option with Hasselblad CFV backs to use it tethered to a computer, or self-contained with a battery and memory card. You do not need a sync cable (to the PC port on the lens) with a 503CW body or an ELD55 motorized body. It also works tie a 500cm if it is in good condition (the timing is consistent) or with the focal plane shutter in a factory-modified 200 series body.

    Triggering is mechanical in a 500 body, or you can use a sync cable. With mechanical triggering, you must set the maximum shutter duration, which also sets the minimum time between shots. If you set it to the maximum of 32 seconds, you must wait 32 seconds before shooting again. That's not necessary with a sync cable or one of the electronically coupled bodies.
  3. Hi Vick,

    Rules of thumb:
    1. If a digital back has an LCD screen, it doesn't have to be tethered to a computer. But it generally can be, if desired.
    2. Tethered-only backs are usually the oldest of all. Of the main players, only Sinar are recently making any tethered-only backs.
    3. Some of the earliest moves away from tethered-only backs were portable, although not fully without encumbrance - there'd be some other sort of box that had to hang off the back. I list them here as "not tethered", but you should be aware of this. The V-fitting Kodak Probacks were first to market with an LCD screen and CF card, but they were wired to a big external Quantum battery; the Imacon ixpress captured to a big external hard disk/battery ("Imagebank"), and in early versions their LCD only showed a histogram, not the actual image; the Leaf Valeo and C-MOST series captured to a hard disk/battery ("digital magazine") mounted under the camera; they lacked an LCD but could send images to a Compaq/HP iPAQ device (the Valeo used a wire, the Valeo Wi used Bluetooth).
    So here's a summary of what is and isn't tethered:

    Phase One: P, P+ and IQ series. H series have to be tethered.
    Leaf (now Mamiya-Leaf): Valeo and C-MOST series, Aptus and Credo series. Volare/Cantare series have to be tethered.
    Hasselblad/Imacon: ixpress, CF and CFV series. Flexframe series has to be tethered.
    Sinar: eMotion and eSprit series. eVolution and Sinarback series have to be tethered.
    Kodak: Proback and Proback Plus (not Proback 645 series)

    Some of these models are long discontinued, but still give a great image; do a bit of research.
  4. Thanks, Y'all...I'm just starting to look at these and this helps a lot.

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