Sekonic L-608 Error E-4, not E-6

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by cyrus_beh, May 3, 2012.

  1. I bought a used meter and it gives an E-4 error when I try to power up. I have seen reports of E-6 error representing a catch-all error code, but have not seen any reports of the E-4 code. Can anyone help me solve this?
  2. L-358 error E-6 = needs service.
    Ask them ...
    MAC Group 75 Virginia Road, North White Plains, NY 10603 United States
    Phone: 914-347-3300 Fax: 914-347-3309
    E-mail: Website:
    For international assistance, please contact our Tokyo office:
    TEL : 81-(0)3-3978-2335 FAX : 81-(0)3-3978-5229
  3. Hi Jim,
    Thanks for your response. I've tried asking them but they just replied telling me that E-6 means that the meter is in need of service. I responded, reiterating that the error is E-4, but they stopped replying to my emails.
  4. That stinks.
    Sorry I cannot provide any other idea.
  5. MAC isn't Sekonic. Why not try asking the people who really know: Sekonic?
  6. Hi Q.G., when I click on the Sekonic support link, I get directed to MAC. So I think that means that the technical guys at MAC have been given the proper training. In any event, does anyone known if the new Sekonics have quality control problems? I seem to hear about spontaneous meter death a lot.
  7. MAC is the official importer/distributor for Sekonic in the US. However, there are other meter repair stations. Check the back of Shutterbug for some listings.
    I have had a lot of Sekonic meters over the years (my own, and in programs where I taught) and have never had a total failure, the one exception was a L-398 Studio meter that a student slammed in a car door. It did not survive, he nearly didn't either.
    I'd send the meter to MAC and request an estimate, you have a great meter that certainly is worth repairing. Have you tried removing the battery and letting the meter "reset" for a few minutes? If you have programed the little switches in the battery compartment, you might try resetting those to the defaults and then powering up. Just a couple of things to try before sending it off.
    My experience with MAC has always been very positive.
  8. Hi Joseph,
    I ended up sending the meter back to the seller. I checked with MAC and they estimated 240 for the repair, which would bring the total for the meter to around 400 bucks. That's a fair amount, but the uncertainty of the repair is something I didn't want to deal with. I picked up a L-558R instead. I hope that works better for me. Thanks!
  9. Cyrus,
    I have the L-608, and an older L-778 and my experience, based on over 40 years of using Sekonic meters, is that you just can't go wrong with any of them.
    I think you probably made the right decision, enjoy your new meter.
  10. I am not sure if I recall it correctly, but it might be that the E-4 error indicates if you've made too many flash meterings with the average function (or something similar). I had this once, several years ago, removed the battery and radio module for 10 minutes, reset the switches to zero. After that procedure I've never had any problem.

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