Sekonic L-488 Digi-Spot callibration??

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by david_summers, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. I just bought a used Sekonic L-488 spot meter and it appears to be
    about 2/3 stop off when compared to the meter in my SLR.

    Is there any way to dial-in exposure compensation with this meter?
    (Other than by setting a different film speed whih is what I'm doing now)

    This is my first spot meter and of course it has no manual so any
    general operating advice for this meter would be appreciated. Anyone
    have a manual that would be willing to scan it in for me?


  2. You may be looking at apples and oranges. Many SLRs will have an algorithm for the scene measured. This has been going on for nearly as long as they have put meters in cameras. My Minolta SRT101 has a system called "clc." As I recall, it compensated so it would not be overwhelmed by sky values.

    My guess is that the only way to compare the two is to be absolutely certain the two meters see the same thing. I would try a grey card.
  3. If the above advice fails, got to they might have some advice for you.
  4. I used a 200mm lens on my SLR, used center weighted metering, and metered off of large uniform surfaces: concrete driveway, asphalt road, side of my house, etc so I'm pretty sure that the SLR and the spot meter are seeing the same thing. The Sekonic always read low.

    The sekonic website does have an order form to order a photocopy of the manual for $5.
  5. Sekonic meters are calibrated on 12% grey rather than the 18% grey your camera is calibrated to. Search the archives and you might find a solution for this problem in there (ie how to recalibrate your meter). There might also be something on the Luminous Landscape web site. In the mean time, keep adjusting the film speed as you are if you're not happy with the exposures you're making without the adjustment.


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