Sekonic Auto-Lumi Model 86

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  1. I tried to find a more appropriate slot for this question, but it occurred to me that this section was most likely to have someone with an answer....I just picked up a minty little Sekonic Auto-Lumi 86 light meter at a swap meet for $10. I'm all happy with it and it appears to work, but maybe has a weak battery? I think weak, because it seems to be about a stop or two off of my M6 meter recommendations.
    Does this thing even have a battery? I made one minor attempt to remove the back via the little watch size screw, but it didn't come easily and I didn't risk it.
    So: Does this little meter contain a battery at all? If so, what kind of battery would replace the (likely) obsolete one in the meter? Or: Does this thing work without a battery and just powered by the light entering the "sensor"? Other than the little 'zero' screw on the back, is there any kind of calibration check, or CLA that should be done on this meter to get it up to snuff?
    Thanks for your help....
  2. It does not have a battery. The meter should read zero with the light cells blocked. That is the only adjustment you can make.
    Any test versus your M6 should be done against a grey card. The measurement area of your Sekonic 86 is wider than the one on your M6.
  3. If it's not accurate, send it to Quality Light Metric in LA, and it will come back accurate. They are the place for Selenium meter repairs.

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