Seen the new Bogen/Manfrotto magfiber carbon fiber tripods?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by melissa_eiselein, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. Has anyone seen the new Bogen/Manfrotto Magfiber carbon fiber
    tripods in person?

    The Magfiber Pro models are a pound heavier than 3443 model. The non
    pro Magfiber model is the same weight as the 3443, but it won't go
    as tall. Both the Magfiber models, however, have a very low to the
    ground minimum height.

    Now I'm confused. Do I want to look for a used 3443/3444 model while
    they are still in stock at B&H? (According to the Bogen site, these
    new Magfiber models are replacing them) or Do I want to pay less and
    get a shorter Magfiber that is rated for 8 pounds instead of 13?

    I'm using a 10D and, currently, my longest, heaviest lens is
    probably the 70-200 f/4 so the 8 pound rating shouldn't be a
    problem. Also, I'm 64 inches tall, so it probably won't be that big
    of a deal to lean over a bit or raise the brace as high as it will

    I want three things out of a carbon fiber tripod. I want it to be
    very light, durable and have a lateral arm for straight-down
    shooting. Do I have other choices besides Bogen--which, btw, I've
    always been happy with.
  2. I have been very happy with my Manfrotto 441 (Bogen 3443). Although I wish it could go lower, I have never lost a shot because of this limitation. In direct answer to your last question, there is one other choice of carbon fiber tripod with a lateral arm: Gitzo, a company which, like Bogen and Manfrotto, is owned by the Vitec group of companies.
    Gitzo has an Explorer series in CF and Aluminium. They also sell accessory lateral arms that attach to "normal" tripods, such as their Mountaineer Carbon Fibre models.
  3. Thanks, Julian. I'll take a look at the Gitzo to compare cost and weight. Because I'm over-the-hill and outta-shape my biggest concern is weight and portability. The new Magfiber tripods weigh about the same as my 3011, so it would be a waste to pay $300 for a no-pound difference.

    You might want to check out the new Magfibers if you thinking lower might be beneficial. They can get 4" from the ground instead of 12" as with the 3443. If it will suit your purpose, you might be able to sell your 3443 and get enough to buy the Magfiber. Then again, if you are tall, you might find that it doesn't reach high enough even with the center column boosted all the way up. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

    I clicked on the link in your post and couldn't figure out what you were alluding to. Surely, you're not still stewing about a post I left almost two years ago, are you? Heck, even I don't hold grudges that long and I thought I was the Queen of Grudges!
  4. Yes, I am tall (5'11"), so I like the height the 441 gives me.

    And no, not a grudge. It just meant that I had to re-read my post to make sure that
    there was no possibility of misinterpretation.

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