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    > Images posted here are available for general critique and discussion. You may specify a particular area of comment: even doing so, latitude will be given to responses which comment outside any specific requests made in the Opening Post.

    > Note: "No Words" is the forum to use if you do not want any critique or comment: do not request 'not for critique' if you post your image here.

    > As a general guide, as with all forums, keep the size to a maximum of 1000px along the longest side as that works well.

    > When you create a new thread you can also choose to use the function "Post a Poll". This option can tailor the specific critique you seek and / or to institute a voting system for your image.
    You can leave this open ended OR you can ask they choose from your answer set - its something you can set up when doing the OP. You have up to could even make this your own "ratings" system - where you set your scale. ie - Ask the community to rate your photo based on following criteria of X and Y - then provide your own scale 1-4, 1-7, 1-10 - whatever rating scale you'd like.
    This format lets the OP choose areas of concern or interest in a particular image - a few examples could be Composition, Exposure, Critical Focus, Color, Use of Light - etc.
    Another approach, this photo would be improved by, then a series of choices to vote for. Could be as simple as this photo is Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor.
    An example -


    (This OP has been modified by William Michael to condense the original thread into one Sticky Post)
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