Seeking AGFA 4x5 (B&W)Film

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by pacnwimages, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. I am searching for AGFA (100) B&W 4x5 sheet film. It might be APX or
    AGFAPAN, I am not sure what it was called. I tried one source and
    they are out looking for it. Can anyone shed a good source on me or
    have a few boxes laying around. One great thing about this film, in
    addition to it's fine quality, is that it went for about $12.00

    Thanks for any help,
  2. Didn't Agfa announce that the past tense would be appropriate becaue they would no longer be making sheet film?
  3. I know that Adbi Roble at Midwest Photo Exchange had quite a bit of APX 100 4x5 a while ago. You might try there.
  4. I have one box frozen since 2002, exp 2005. Cost you $20. Or I`ll use it up this year.
  5. Wonderful film. Try some Fomapan 100-I think it may be the closest match to the Agfa look. Ekfe 100 4x5 is superb but a different film. GOOD LUCK. BTW: IF anyone has some Scala 4x5, I might be interested.
  6. I just checked the Agfa website searching for infos about apx 100:

    There is a PDF file about the technical data of agfa professional films, I downloaded it, and
    reading it I learned that 4x5 apx 100 film are still available. But then it came out that the
    last update was made in July 2003...

  7. David,

    How much of it are you after... I just finished shooting my last box of Agfapan APX 100
    this evening. So, I'll be headed down to the local pro-shop for more on Monday. I'm pretty
    sure they still have a good quantity left but I'll have to check.

    Let me know and, depending on the quantity that you want... I may be able to work out a
    deal with them.

  8. Fomapan 100 is excellent film, but AFAIK is only available in America in metric sizes (9x12, 10x15, and 13x18 cm). J&C Pro 100 is very similar to APX 100 in many ways -- including using the same developing and reciprocity data, though they assure everyone that the film is not relabeled or recut Agfa, but is coated specifically for them, on very old machinery, in China. I haven't used any of my Pro 100 in 4x5 yet (don't have a camera ready for that size), but in 120 it's very nice.

    Main warning: it's a soft emulsion, similar to Efke in terms of handling limitations. Don't use an acid stop bath and watch for possible scratching. It probably wouldn't hurt to use a hardening fixer, though in my experience the damage is already done before the film gets to the fixing stage.

    I'm looking foward to using it in 4x5, though, after my experience with it in 120.
  9. HC, I`m interested in a box or two as well, it`s one of my favorite films in 35mm/120 and I`d love to try it in 4x5...
    If shipping to Norway is okay....
  10. Amund,

    I'll check with the pro-shop on Monday and post their price on this site. My last pack came
    in a 25-sheet box.

    Going to Norway... it probably won't be inexpensive for shipping but, nonetheless, I'll post
    their price after I find out what it is, ok?

  11. I love this film best I ever tried... Any help in obtaining ome more will be greatly appreciated....
  12. I miss APX100 in sheet films, and I'm slowly working through what I have left.

    However, now that Ilford is in the hands of a crew interested in saving and hopefully growing their B&W film selections, oughtn't we lobby for Pan F in sheet film sizes?

  13. Amund, I have a couple of boxes of 9x12cm if you're interested - already in Norway!

    When I heard they were dropping APX100 in sheets, I ordered all the 4x5" I could get - too late. But I did get hold of four boxes in 9x12cm, and have recently ordered a couple of boxes in 13x18cm and 6.5x9cm (being versatile in sizing helps!).
  14. Hi all,

    Unfortunately, the local supplier has now sold out all of his remaining supply of Agfapan
    100 4x5 sheet film.

    All they have left is Afgapan 100 in 120 format.... CDN$3.50 a roll.

  15. Thanks for checking HC. Just as well, I wouldn`t have bought more than a couple of boxes anyway...There`s still a lot of good films avalible, so I`ll manage.

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