Seeking 120 Insert for Mamiya M645J

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by len_seifert, May 20, 1998.

  1. I would be obliged if someone has (and no longer requires)or knows of someone who has a 120 insert for an old Mamiya M645J available for purchase. Tiring of reloading!
  2. Just bought a couple of spares myself! I know of a dealer in Leeds (UK) with one in s/h at 20ukp - they're usually 30-40ukp s/h.


    However, the inserts available new for 645 Pro backs are compatible with older bodies - although they may not be compatible with your budget :-(




  3. Hi len, you can pick them up quiet reasonable on Ebay ..and they come up quiet requently...I've seen them go on Ebay for as little as ?15, but on average about ?20-30 s/h or there about.. KEH are bery reasonable also ...Good luck

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