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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by carlo_cruz, May 27, 2007.

  1. Greetings to all!

    I'm thinking about purchasing a second hand Leica M6 Classic or MP. Would
    anybody out there have any idea what their going rates would be? Assuming
    mint or near mint condition?

    Thank you in advance.

    Carlo Cruz
  2. Surf the web and see. Prices are low right now, due to digital's obvious superiority(I'm jokng).
  3. Easy, go to the websites of Keh, B&H, Adorama, Tamarkin'll get the 'going rates' with each of them.
  4. Make sure you haggle. Dealers can't shift this stuff at the moment to save their lives.
  5. Too bad that M8 had a rocky launch, I was hoping for a much lower price six months after the M8 came out. I agree it may be easier to bargain with an individual than a store who paid more for the stuff and hope to still make money on it. Keeping in mind that a Nikon F5 in good condition sells for about $500 an M7 at $1700 is not an attractive deal. An M7 at $1200 would still be higher than many Hasselblads are selling for.
  6. The M6's are going for around $1200-1500. The MP's are closer to $2000. These are coming from the cameras listed on ebay for the past six months. To the person speaking of attractive deals for Nikon film cameras vs Leica, they are two completely different worlds. I own both Canon and Leica and don't expect my Canon's to hold their value, where Leica is a long term investment. I would never consider shooting film with most Canon's again but a Leica M6 brings me such satisfaction to crank the next frame and hear the slightest click when I push down for that decisive moment. I am not too sure about the M8's rocky launch; granted they had there flaws but it is the camera that is keeping Leica afloat with them still being hard to come by and news lenses being on extreme back order.
  7. Ditto James comments

    May see up to 2400 USD for MP's in mint condition or as low as 1800 for a slight amount of wear.

    A lot depends on whether the MP viewfinder was updated/sealed/etc. if it's an early serial number one - same goes for M7's which you did not ask about but just for reference.
  8. </p><a href="">Leica M Camera Body Price Guide</a>
  9. Thank you very much gents. The Keh, Adorama, Tamarkin, etc. sites were helpful. I'll check out Alvin Hear's suggested site. Thinking about a like new M6 Titanium (1992) for US1600 or a EX++ M6 (1984) for US1200. I like the the M6TI but feel that it might be too nice for a daily user. Little confused here. Then again, they're meant to be used, right? Anyway, I appreciate your comments. Thanks!
  10. Just found a M6 for sale
  11. The going rate for an M6 classic in near mint condition in early 2007 is $1100 to $1300.
    GENUINELY mint examples may go for $2000 or more.

    Perfectly good usable M6's with only slight cosmetic wear have sold on eBay for as little as
  12. I think that the M6 titanium was only plated with titanium unlike OM4ti and other cameras that had solid upper and base plates made of the metal. Since the benefit of such a light metal is to use enough of it to lower the cameras weight plating over brass seems unlikely to produce the normal 25 percent or greater weight reduction. Spending on better glass is a wiser way to spend your money.
  13. M6 - $1000-1200 Ex Cond

    MP $2000 Ex Cond

    M7 $1800 Ex Cond.

    Occasionally one hits the lotto, but these are general prices.

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