Second expansion of the recall of Nikon D750s

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  1. Nikon announced that the number of D750 bodies that may have defective shutters is greater than they thought the first time and the second. The newest announcement may be found here:

    Service Advisory
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    This is a very disappointing development.

    Remember that Nikon first introduced the D750 in September 2014 for Photokina, and I bought mine in December that same year. While mine was on the original recall list in 2015, it had essentially no symptom. I sent it in for the recall mainly because it had a separate GPS jack malfunction issue, and I used the opportunity for free shipping to Nikon. Otherwise I would have skipped it.

    This new expanded recall includes D750 manufactured between July 2015 to September 2016, over a year after the initial recall. It is puzzling why Nikon would shipped problematic bodies so long after the original problem was already known.
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  3. My original D750 purchased in August 2015 was NOT listed on the recall list yet the shutter failed in Feb 2017. Nikon repaired it at no cost but I could not be with out a camera for 4 or 5 weeks so I purchased a 2nd D750 body.
  4. I haven't read everything, my D750 is almost a year old and never had any issues. How are the shutters failing (totally dead, wrong exposures)? I'm curious as a warning sign. My serial number was above the recall numbers.
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    See this thread from January 2015 about the original issue that led to the first recall: D750 Flare Problem Fix from Nikon

    IMO, it was a trivial issue, which I could never reproduce in actual shooting with two different early D750 bodies.

    The problem now is that regardless of whether the actual issue is serious or not, with so many recalls and expanded recalls, the D750's reputation as well as Nikon's reputation in general is seriously affected. To this day I use a D750 regularly and other than the GPS connection issue that was fixed under warranty, that camera has served me very well.
  6. Since the very beginning I have underexposure issue if I shoot under (not against) bright sunlight condition (dark, very contrast pictures). I sent my D750 to Nikon, they made some adjustments, cleanings, etc., but problem was not resolved. My question is: Is this recent recall related to my issue as well? Is it possible that my problem can be fixed as a result of this recall?
  7. Probably not a good camera to buy.
  8. Sam, could you post an example?
  9. The D750 is the one Nikon that delivers the best bang for the bucks.
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    The original D750 recall in 2015 was related to the shutter and so are the expansions. E.g. my D750 had a bad GPS connection but that is apparently a very isolated case. Any metering issue also seems to be unrelated to the recall.

    Unlike the D600 oil on sensor and the D800 left AF issue where there were quite a few reported cases, the D750 shutter issue was initially a very obscure case, and I haven't seen a lot of reported cases on the forums. However, after the negative publicity from the D600 and D800, Nikon is making preemptive recalls. They are not helping themselves by expanding the recall twice over 2 years. It affects consumer confidence on their brand.
  11. Dear All,
    my D750 is eligible for a shutter replacement. However I have used it for nearly 1.5 years now and I have never seen anything wrong in my photo's. So I see no real reason to send it to Nikon in Jakarta and get the shutter checked or replaced, you never know what can go wrong and what other problems will arise afterwards. What's your opinion?
  12. Well, if you have taken a lot of shots with your current shutter, you basically get a new one for free. This should improve the longevity of the camera and incease its resale value, should you want to sell it at some point. You also get the camera cleaned etc. as part of the free service, as far as I know. However I would wait until the initial rush is over to reduce turnaround time.

    While the D750 has had a lot of recalls and there seem to be few people who actually experienced the problem, I think pre-emptive recalls are a good thing as they show that Nikon wants to solve potential problems before they actually become a problem. In the case of the D600, a lot of users had a real problem and while in some areas users got good service, others reported that Nikon denied that there was anything wrong with the camera. Many of the latter customers seem to have gotten really upset and some moved to other manufacturers cameras as a result of their D600 experience. I think Nikon's approach is much better now (though my personal experiences have always been very positive with Nikon service). Of course ideally the cameras would be perfect from the first unit sold. But at least in the case of the D600 I can see that Nikon just had major natural disasters hitting them in 2011 and when they were back in business in 2012 they had to manufacture a lot of cameras quickly to supply for the demand that had been building up in 2011 when Nikon had extremely limited capacity to make cameras. This sequence of events must have contributed to the problems in 2012. In the case of the D750 Nikon seems to have developed a hypersensitivity to potential issues and are trying to reverse the image into a company who is trying to do their best to solve problems for users even if it is unlikely they would experience them.

    The D750 packs great features and image quality into a compact package but it wasn't the right fit for me personally (long story). Given what Canon is offering in the 6D II it seems the D750 is still current and competitive.
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  13. Like Jan I am one who worry about letting the techs working on your camera when there is no problem. In other word they could cause damage while working on the camera.
  14. Likely the difference is that the mirror box will be clean from the dust that was there and the shutter will be new. I'd take that any day. In my experience they do a better job in cleaning than I ever could. DSLRs are a bit like cars, and they should be taken to service on a regular basis.

  15. There is an old Engineering saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

    My one, and I stress it was only one, experience with Nikon repair (in California) was less than stellar. I sent a F100 in for clean and inspect after smoke filled the house due to a fire. I had to send it back three more time for Nikon to "get it right". The first time they returned the camera with the focusing screen bouncing around loose in the body. I returned it. It came back with a big smudge on the mirror and focusing screen. I returned it. This time it came back with the flash bracket bent; it was impossible to mount an SB-28. I sent it back. This time they got it right. Well, I did have a chat with the facility manager; that may have had something to do with proper quality control on the last try.

    All this occurred in July through September 2009. It was my one use of Nikon repair service.To Nikon's credit, they did pay for air shipment both ways for the redoes. I just shot another roll with it last month, so the "repairs" have held up.
  16. I've had nothing but good experiences with Nikon repair (themselves or authorised repair shop) in Finland (where I've had service done many times). I don't have enough experience with Nikon USA repair to comment on that.
  17. I don't trust NikonUSA techs.
  18. Just got a used one from a friend for $1100, low actuations. It needed the recall so I sent it in to Nikon. Can't wait for it to return so I can get going with it.
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    I have been using Nikon for 40 years but still don't have that much experience with their repair service, mainly because my Nikon equipment rarely needs repair. The few times that I have accidentally dropped a lens and a few other times something indeed needs service, Nikon USA repair has consistently done a good job. However, if you need to pay, their repair cost is on the high side.
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  20. It's a great camera!

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