Sebastiao Salgado "Genesis" reception in Santa Monica

Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by spanky, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. EricM

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  2. I just did Eric, thanks. The man is incredibly inspiring.
  3. Thanks for the link Eric, I had not seen this before.
  4. Marc, is it a reception that he is attending? I didn't get that from the gallery website. Did I miss it? It just looks like the opening.
  5. EricM

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    No sweat, glad you guys liked it. An amazing life he's had
  6. Good question Barry, I was thinking the same thing. I would think that he would, but who knows? I don't attend enough of these kinds of gatherings to know if there is a usual m.o. I sent an email to the gallery to inquire about this, I'll let you know when they reply. It's this Sat from 4-7pm.
  7. Yeah, not sure I can go Sat., but will for sure see the exhibit. I just liked his presentation that Eric pointed so much. I can't necessarily defend my thesis regarding Salgado, because I'm not sure if its correct, but, I've for some reason, I've always thought/felt he is the photographic heir of Eugene Smith.
  8. Sadly, Salgado will not be in attendance on Sat but signed books will be for sale. I'll probably still go...temps are going to get near triple digits throughout most of LA this weekend making it too hot to go out shooting or work in my darkroom. I'll make it a nice museum visiting day instead and end it at this reception.
  9. Good plan! Todd. I'm going up to Santa Monica in the afternoon to see "The Attack" at the Lamelle. If I can get my butt out the door, I may stop at the exhibit, but if not will definitely go next weekend.
  10. OK Barry I hope to see you there. I'll probably get there close to 4:00 and stay for an hour or so.
  11. Marc, I went today. One of the most amazing exhibitions I've ever seen.

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