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  1. Hey everyone,
    I am taking a trip to Seattle for an assignment and I decided to take 3 days of personal time to shoot the city since I have never been. I would love to hear some great places that I need to shoot for those of you who have visited or live in the area.
  2. Just a suggestion, do a search here for "Seattle" and you should find tons of posts and responses about places and trips in and around Seattle. It all depends what you want to photograph and how far you want to travel.
  3. Day boat trip to Victoria and back, wait for clear day.
  4. Discovery Park, Pikes Place, Alki Point (west Seattle), ask around when you get there--Seattle is laid back!
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    Hey, these are good tips...I'm head'n there myself on Sunday. Thanks & Regards.
  6. Kerry Park is a must. I'd also suggest Gasworks park. And make sure you take one of the Argosy boat tours, preferably the Ballard Locks one imo. There's a shuttle boat from the waterfront across to Alki point for the price of a bus ticket. It's much more scenic than taking the road around. Don't miss Pioneer Square or the Pike Place Market. And if you get a chance do the underground tour, and visit the Museum of History and Industry, though they're not great for photo-ops, they're must sees. If you're into it, the Museum of Flight and Museum of Glass are good -- but only of it's the sort of thing you like.
  7. All good suggestions. Mt Baker is a full day trip from Seattle. Worth the trip if you run out of other ideas. Take the ferry to Bainbridge. The trip takes less than an hour and you only pay one way. I have taken the trip to Victoria, another great trip but at least a day.
    Seattle has so much to offer, you don't need to take long side trips to fill the time. Check out the new light rail train. The station at the south end looked very interesting. Walk along the water front, have some fish at Ivers and feed the seagulls fries. I'll post some of my pics from a stop over on the way to Alaska.
    Seattle is one of my favorite cities. Have fun and post some pics.
  8. Gull Attack
  9. Another from Ivers
  10. Lone Gull
  11. A view of Mt Shuksan from Picture Lake on Mt Baker.
  12. If you like quirky neighborhoods, Fremont is great. Some good places to eat, lots to see, including the Rocket Ship, the statue of Lenin, and, of course, the Fremont Troll. Look under the Aurora Bridge for this guy.
  13. Seward Park; depending on what part of the park you're in you can see downtown over the hilltops and Mt. Rainier, it a great local neighborhood.
  14. You just have to get some images of the Pike Market fish mongers tossing their fish around. This is one of the standard images of Seattle.

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