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  1. Here is an oldie that I found. I bought this when I was in grade school. It is basically a rebadged Imperial Cubex flash camera. Takes 12 4 x 4cm frames on 127. Haven't used it in a long time. It is fixed focus, fixed exposure. Judging from the flash range table for color and black & white film, it probably has an f11 lens. Shutter speed is most likely 1/30 second. I'm gonna run a roll of Efke R100 through it to see what it can do.
  2. Wow !! Camera porn. That's a handsome Impar lens.
  3. Spelled backwards it is "Rap Mi"!
  4. Why yes, it does.
  5. LOL. I guess I better stop reading the responses and go out and take some picutures.
  6. Cube flash. Wow, do I remember those. I used to hate them. There would often be at least one side of the cube that didn't fire. Sometimes it was the battery, sometimes the cheapness of the camera coupled with being carried by a 10 year old, and sometimes it was the cheap "knock off" copies found in third world tourist traps during the sixties. Green dot, pink dot, etc. Nothing like having one's finger on the plastic when the flash fires. Unless of course it was touching one of those silly little one shot Syvania "blue dot" bulbs with the itsy bitsy bent rings on the bottom when it went off. :)
  7. Can't wait to see the results Mike. I just developed an old roll of Verichrome Pan 620 that went through a real old Kodak Jiffy 620. I then re-rolled some Delta 100 on the 620 spool and loaded in my Agfa Readyflash that I've had for a while but yet to put any film through. I'm hoping one will rival my Holga (LOL!)
  8. Correction, it's an Ansco Readyflash. Not Agfa.
  9. I have a little 127 TLR, a Toyoca 44, somewhat like a baby Rollei. Someday I need to get the shutter working and hope film is available.
  10. Hey Mike,
    Where do you get your film? I got my 127 film from B & H . It was 100 speed B/W. I just didn't reseach enough about where to develop it. I had 6 rolls of 127 and one loaded in one of my Kodaks. I had but sold on e-bay 2 127 format Kodak cameras. I thin k I remember one was a Starmeter and the other was a Starmatic. One was a kit with one of those 2 prong flashes that went on the side of the camera with blue blulbs and a weird silver battery looking thing. It was small as a fat aaa battery bjut shyorter and fatter and had some meatle pieces co0ming off it. It looked like a fuse or flash amplifyer if there was such a thing, but it went in the flash handel where the batterys went. I have one more of them that I forgot to include with the kit. I never was motivated enough to find a place to develop the film. I have one roll that I experimented with. The Starnmeter and Starmatic had the Electric eyes on it for the exposure setting. I sold both for 20.00 + S&H. I am sure they weren't worth much, or where they. They both had the boxes and origanal manuals and included 6 rolls of 127 B/W film. I don't know if they came in C-41 processing for that format. So where do you get your film from and where do you develop it? Did you use that camera much? I am 34 years old, I have no idea when 127 format was out and popular and used. Can you educate me on this, anyone? I do still mess with 120 and can get that developed at my local CVS as a send out that takes 2-21/2 weeks for a lousy 10 or 12 shots, color or B/W. But B & H was where I got my 127 film 8 in all at about 25.00. The 120, I can get easily from e-bay freash and other places. I keep a fridge stocked with all sorts of formats of film, 110,126,120,silde 35mm,35mm b/w, 35mm color, double 8mm movie film color and B/W. And when I sold those Kodaks I got rid of the 127 supply I had. I even have polaroid, I-zone,200I-zone,500,600, and peel away(I forgot what they call that. Well good luck with the camera and the pics, I look fgorward to seeing the out come. Do you have flash?
    Have A Day That's GReat!!
    Warren G.Dolbashian
  11. When I was in high school, I had a Kodak Bullet. A neat litle 127 with a folding viewfinder and a lens barrel that could be screwed into the body for a shirt pocket fit. Still have it. Looks like an Olympus Stylus.
  12. Warren,
    I got my roll of Efke 127 from Freestyle. I'm not sure if they have any left so you would have to check their website. The paper catalog I have lists Maco UP100 in 127 for $5.29. Also, J & C Photo may have some. Sometimes I see it listed as Efke R100 and other times as Maco brand. As for the camera, I hadn't used it in years. Shutter still works, though I won't know anything until I finish the roll in the camera. I will probably develop it in D-76 1:1 for 10' at 68 F.
    I plan to save the backing paper and experiment with slitting some 120 down to size. Hope this helps.
  13. Almost forgot-- the metal cylinder sounds like a capacitor. It is a charge-storing device that helps the flash to fire more reliably, even on a weak battery. In the days before alkaline and lithium batteries and affordable, compact rechargeables, this was state of the art technology.
  14. Finally got around to developing and printing the roll of Efke R100 that I shot in this camera. Here is one of the prints. You can see that it is not very sharp, but then we don't drag out the old box cameras for the ultimate sharpness. I forgot what a PITA it is to load 127 film on a reel. BTW, the Sears 127 currently on Fleabay is not mine. Just a coincidence. I plan to keep mine. I'm even thinking about bidding on the brick of 127 Tri-X that someone has up for auction.

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