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  1. I use my second sd slot as a backup of the first card. Is there any way to sync the cards - in order to remove frames from card nr. 2 when they have been deleted from the first card? Many thanks...
  2. I've read pretty thoroughly through the D7100 instructions and found nothing to suggest this is possible. If you consider the point of the backup card, which is, in part, to insure that failures, accidents and errors, including deletions, in one will not be passed over to the other, it would, I expect, require a very specific override to sync the cards, and to insure that it's not accidentally left enabled.
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    If you set the two cards in the backup mode, when you delete an image from the camera with the trash can button, it will delete from both cards.
  4. They can both be deleted from within the camera, but not simultaneously, at least on mine. I don't use the backup mode often, but I see no way to make the deletions with a single action.

    On the D7100, when you set the role for the second card as "backup" both versions of the image appear and can be deleted separately. But they are not synchronized and not together. If you take, say, three pictures in a row in backup mode, the replay will be A,B,C, A',B',C'. You can delete them all, but only one at a time.
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    Just checked that on my D7200. Matthew is right that in the backup mode, you need to delete images from each card individually. Even though the same image is written onto both cards, if you hit the "trash can" button, it would only delete the image from the SD card in slot 1. You need to find that image on the other card and delete it again.

    I checked around a bit and didn't see any custom setting to change that behavior.

    My earlier description is incorrect. Thanks Matthew.
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