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  1. Hello, Could you remommend what brand/type of a SD memory card I should get for
    my pre-ordered Nikon D80. I would probably get 2GB card, unless you think this
    would be insuficient enough for this type of SLR camera. Thanks for your
  2. Office Depot has a SanDisk 2GB Secure Digital� Memory Card for $49.95 (on sale this week).

    I am expecting my D-80in 2-3 days and am going to buy one of these cards. I believe the price is good for a 2GB.
  3. Best deal out there:
  4. Yes but it PQI a good brand? I tend to stick with Lexar, Sandisk or Kingston.

  5. ShunCheung

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    Do you prefer the cheapest card or the more established brands? I too tend to stick with Lexar and Sandisk. One 2G should be fine to get started although in these days I prefer to use 4G cards.
  6. PQI is very good, at least to me. I've used them successfully for several months with my D50. You're paying for the "name" by buying those other brands IMHO. AND for the price quoted, it's pretty negligible again, IMHO.
  7. Will the D80 support a SD 4Gb card? I know my D50 will only take up to 2Gb cards. . . .
  8. The OfficeMax chain had three 1 GB 'PNY' SD cards for less then $70.00 with the 6% sales tax added in.

    Generally, if it is made in Japan (PNY is,) the SD card should work fine.
  9. The D80 supports SDHC, so it can even take the new 8GB one announced at Photokina.

  10. ShunCheung

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    Rob Galbraith has tested the D80 with at least one 4G SD card:

    If you mainly take casual shots and don't care whether you lose some shots, you can buy any brand of memory cards, and even Lexar and Sandisk fail occasionally. If you do care about your photography, I would gather more info before relying on those unknown brands.
  11. Elliot, your d80 is coming in 3 days!? RAD! I ordered mine on the 23rd of August, I hope mine is here soon! I've been shooting 10 rolls a week for the last 8 years and printing in the darkroom. About a year ago I got a Dualscan IV and have been scanning a lot, but not printing hardly at all(no printer, money has to go to bills before prints at the lab-say my roomates). This will be my very first Digital and my very first brandnew camera. I am stoked. I'm hoping by January I'll have the money for a nice printer.
  12. A couple months ago I bought an 8 GIG 100X PQI CF card ($169.00)at Outpost referred to above for my D2X. So far haven't had any problems and it seems fast enough. Hard to beat that price. Technically, the CF cards are all produced in giant fabrication plants in Taiwan, Korea, and China. I understand that Sandisk even has a 50% interest in a plant in Taiwan.
  13. You can get a list of the approved cards on Nikon's tech support website, excerpted below. Go to then go to FAQs:

    The following SD memory cards have been approved for use in the D80 digital SLR. All cards of the designated make and capacity can be used, regardless of speed.

    Nikon 1GB
    SanDisk 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB
    Panasonic 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB
    Toshiba 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB

    Other brands and capacities of cards may work, but Nikon cannot guarantee their operation. Check with the manufacturer of the third-party card for compatibility information. Nikon recommends keeping one of the approved cards available for troubleshooting.
  14. I just ordered a D80, Can anyone recommend a speed for the SD card? I know my old Coolpix 4300 couldn't take advantage of the higher speed memory cards so it was a waste to spend the extra money.
  15. Have purchased a moby 4gb sd card from and it did not work on my
    Nikon D80 camera so avoid this one. Their info about this compatibility is somewhat
    misleading too and I have sent them an email about this.

    Rob Payne

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