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    A funny question may be and not important. We all know, that you cannot take a SD card used in D7200 and put in a D500 and see the D7200 pictures.
    However, I met a guy, who had a SD card from his D40, which he could put into his D7200 and see the D40 pictures !! Anybody believes this, if so how come it is possible?
  2. Oh yes you can! I just tried it. As long as you've got Display ALL FOLDERS selected, they all show up. D7200 Image on a D500.jpg
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  3. I don't see why not. I've transferred cards between Canon and Kodak compact cameras and been able to view the pictures from one on the other. The JPG format is standardised after all.

    Having said that, I can't get my D7200 to read my D800 cards, nor from my little Coolpix P6000 - it just says "Folder contains no images".

    None of the cameras prompted a format however, so it seems I could shoot on another camera's card and have folders from different cameras on the same card. I didn't try that though, just to avoid any unnecessary risk.

    Edit: OK. Just changed the folder options to "All" in the playback menu and can view D800 and P6000 pictures on the D7200.
    Thanks Mike!
  4. I would expect problems going the other way, however - the firmware probably has a fixed amount of memory set aside for image display, and if it tries to unpack a 36MP image on a 6MP camera, I'd expect it to run out of space.

    I'd vaguely expect raw files not to work at all. Although the format probably hasn't changed all that much over time (except for small raw), at least the calibration would.
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    Just for fun, I captured one NEF on the D7200 and then placed that SD card in the D500. You can certainly view the D7200 NEF on the D500.

    I have moved XQD cards between the D5 and D500 and view images. In fact, I have used the D500 to copy D5 images from the XQD to SD card.
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    Thanks for your comments - I definitely learned something today.-:)
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    On the NEF's - you are looking at the embedded jpg
  8. Good point, Steve. Sorry, I should have thought that. (On the other hand, the in-camera raw processing facilities might struggle!)

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