SD Card, remove when not in use?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by james_lai, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. I just bought a Panasonic Mini DV camcorder (model PV-GS13) which can
    take still photos using SD cards. The manual says the SD card should
    be removed when not in use but doesn't explain why. I have a digital
    P&S in which I've never taken out the CF card since replacing the
    original 8Mb card with a 64Mb card, and nowhere in that camera's
    manual does it say the card should be removed when not in use.

    Why would removing the SD card be required or recommended? Would it
    be advisable to remove CF cards (and other types) as well when
    they're not in use?
  2. Pro: if it is not plugged in at the camera or other read/write device, there is close to zero likelihood that you'll see unwanted changes to the data on the card.

    Con: Kept outside the camera the card could get lost, or get dust and grit into the contact area, or be eaten by your poodle, etc.

    Be well,
  3. Thanks, Jim. I was thinking along the same lines, both pro and con (except substitute "16 month-old daughter" for "poodle") so I appreciate knowing I'm not completely off base.

    As long as there's no particular vulnerability inherent in SD cards, I'll just leave it installed.

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