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  1. I have a Mamiya C220 I bought for parts to take the rails off, as the
    rails on mine have a few teeth missing from a fall. I bought a set of
    precision screwdrivers to do the disassembly, but on the first screws
    I came to the groove in the screw is so fine none of the screwdrivers
    fit. Any ideas where to purchase a set of screwdrivers specifically
    for camera work?

    Thanks in advance.......
  3. have you tried one of those screwdrivers for glass repairs?
  4. A $20 magnifying hood is a good start. It can be used to stone/grind existing tools into camera-useful ones and that's where screwdrivers would come from.
  5. Yep-microtools will have what you want.
    <BR>Or just buy cheapies and modify them on a bench grinder
    <BR>Beware of super difficult screws that will defeat even the best screwdrivers-use good bolt loosening fluids if there are any problems.And remember to give tight screws a sharp tap to crack them loose (where it is safe to do so!)
    <BR>If you need philips tipped screwdrivers the sizes for cameras are '0','00' and the smallest but rarely needed '000'.There is no substitute for good quality screwdrivers when dealing with tight philips screws

    <P>All the best with it!
  6. Hi, Bill -
    You probably need a set of "JIS" screwdrivers. The tips may look identical to Philips, but the slots are much narrower, and the taper angle of the point is a bit different. Philips drivers will damage the JIS screw heads. As posted above, Micro-Tools is one good source. Also check Wiha Tools and Jensen Tools. I use a set of the Wiha drivers and they're worth the extra cost, IMO. Buy a quality set, treat then with respect, and they'll last you for life. The size I seem to use most is 00 and 000. Good luck with your project!
  7. You might also try Sears. I was able to buy up to 000 phillips there.
  8. I like the "Wiha" screwdrivers, they are uncommonly durable and precisely made. However, I find the flat-blade ones have the blades substantially too thick for camera screws and I have to grind them down thinner. They still last a very long time after that, though, they are a good investment.
  9. Interesting comments Brooke.
    <BR>That would explain some issues i've had with certain screwdriver brands.
    <br>I was buying snap-on brand '00' size and they just didn't quite fit most screws perfectly.I was breaking the tips off them and going through one every 2 months on average!
  10. Small screwdrivers vary radically in quality. I bought an expensive Swiss made set wehn in Singapore; and a watch repair shop. It had about three sets of replacement tips for each size. Sometimes in camera repair one sharpens the screwdriver just to custom fit one type of cameras screw; to reduce ruining the screw head. Sometimes the cheapie sets are also of decent value too. I probably have bought one set of the cheapies a year since 1965. If I find a gem set; I buy a mess of them. Sets are often no name brands. A friend bought the same "Swiss set" like mine a year or two later; and they were just average; but the same high price. The source for these screwdrivers is always varying; so take a brand name with a grain of salt.
  11. On this Aero Ektar; the setscrews were a mess to remove. The screwdrivers in the top right were ground to custom match the setscrews; to get a better fit.<BR><BR> <IMG SRC=><BR><BR>Here a goofy low quality cellphone was used to shoot some Zorki's in sickbay. The yellow screwdrivers from Walmart worked well; and were dirt cheap. <BR><BR><IMG SRC=>
  12. The camera under the blue glow is a Kodak 35
  13. Ron- If the drivers are breaking that often, it's possible that they were an inexpensively-made brand and poorly tempered. Poor _fit_ usually results in ruining the screw head before the driver shaft will snap. As an added thought, I hate grinding down a "good" tool. I've done my share of honing a driver tip to fit, but for this I'll buy the cheapo drivers at the local hardware (these always seem to come in the same blue or black plastic box). For cheapies, these have proved to be pretty decent and hold a reshaped point very well, at a truly bargain price.
  14. I ordered a set from for all the advice. Hope they work on the Mamiya screws...

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