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  1. Hello,
    Just wondering if anyone can explain the scratches and spots on my B&W film? its a roll of Ilford delta 400 that was developed in Kodak D-76. Also the image seem to be really grainy, is this just the film type or the developer?
  2. Looks like scratches and dust from loading film onto tank reel.
  3. If it was D76 stock it should not have been so grainy. Diluted, more so, but even diluted that would be excessive. If the
    temperature was too warm or time too long that also increases grain. The film maker's recommendations as well as
    Massive Development Chart are only suggested starting points so you may have to experiment.
  4. It is rather grainy for Delta 400 ( or any film for that matter) , developer temp was not right I think, probably to warm. Never been a fan of D76 my self.
    Them scratches can only be caused by bad handling of the film, even looks like a finger print on the right hand side near the horizon.
    It is a bit of a pity as it looks like it would have been a nice shot.
    Looks like Stockton Beach in Australia to me.
  5. Yes it was developed in stock solution of D-76 @ 20 deg celcius. Could it have something to do with the developer solution being near the end of its shelf life? Could these scatches have also occurred during the scanning stage? Or was it definitely loading the film onto the reel.

    The photo was taken at Wedge Island, WA
  6. The only way film gets scratched is by handling or the camera transport. Unless you put an object into the tank other than the film on the developing reel and it was small enough to move around freely during processing then the scratches could not have occurred during processing.
  7. The old developer may have caused the graininess but it would not cause them scratches, I also doubt it was done by your camera because they look to random, camera transport scratches will almost always be in a very straight line along the length of the film.
    It is a handling issue I am sure that could have happened at any stage after you took the film out of the camera.
    We all scratch a film every now and then so do not let it worry you to much.

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