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  1. I will be taking some photos at a friends wedding in Orkney. The men
    will be in colourful kilts, white shirts and black jackets. The
    bride is in white, I don't know about the bridesmaids. Most
    importantly the whole wedding party are extremely fair skinned.

    My ideal film would be something that can handly the contrast of the
    white dress, black jackets, the colours in the tartan and give a
    slight warm boost to the skin tones.

    Any suggestions? I have a bunch of Kodak Supra 400 in the fridge, is
    this the time to bring it out? I usually do wildlife and landscapes
    and this is new territory for me. Any advice would be greatly

  2. I would suggest Kodak Portra 160NC the defacto weeding film, I also heard here at that supra 400 is porta 400UC so it is similiar to porta 160NC just faster and with greater colour saturation.
  3. jbq


    Just make it clear to your friend that you don't usually shoot weddings, to set the expectations to the proper level...
  4. Er, no, what you heard was that High Definition 400 was Portra 400UC in a different box, and even that was the subject of lively debate (since it was posted in the general forum, it's now expired). Supra 400 is definitely not Portra 400UC.
    I've used 400NC for wedding photography; it and 160NC are designed to have great skin tones and to hold detail in everything from a black tux to a white dress. Fuji's equivalents are NPS and NPH. You aren't likely to go wrong with any of these films.
  5. First of all, find a really good lab that deals with this kind of material on a regular basis. If you take your film to the corner drug store to have printed on amatuer paper it doesn't matter what type of film you use.

    If that 'good lab' is Kodak based, use Portra NC. If the lab is Fuji based, use NPH.
  6. Im fairly sure someone posted a reply kodak sent to an e-mail inquiry regarding porta 400UC and the message said that it was identical to supra 400. This site also says the same thing:

    Although you could be right, but I don't see why kodak would sell porta400UC and HD400 as the same film.
  7. A recent thread in this forum highlighted MacBeth Chart samples from Portra UC, Kokad High Definition, and New Fuji NPH. Portra UC exhibited the finest grain and slightly warmer tones than NPH. The general conclusion I arrived at was that all three are very good films, but UC may be the best of the three (followed closely by NPH if you want slightly less color saturation).
    I believe there was some talk in another thread that Royal Supra 400 was the same as Portra UC, based on a communication directly from Kodak.
  8. Portra 400NC or VC, NPH, or, if you want to work with available light as much as
    possible, Fuji NPZ (800 ASA).
  9. does anyone know how to contact scott eaton? I tried his address and it was kicked back to me. If you could email scott I would appreciate it.
  10. I got it...
  11. I wouldn't use Supra 400 for a wedding - it tend to make caucasian people a little red, and wouldn't be a good idea for the fair skinned, in my opinion. Portra 400UC has better skin tones, but can make skin look a little red, too, but the effect is not so pronounced and might be nice with the kilts. It could give the warm boost you're looking for.

    Fuji NPH is balanced for weddings and produces nice skin tones, blacks, and whites. I'mnot sure it would do what you want with the kilts. Good luck.

    Here is a a shot with Porta 400UC to show you the colors. In real life, the children are naturally fair skinned, but fairly tanned...
  12. There's a Scottish wedding film?

    What's it called, MacMarital? How does it compare with MacNuptial?

    And, finally, is it okay for a guy with a Welsh surname to crack wise about Scots?

  13. Hey Lex, how about using a little T-MacMax??
  14. Scanned on a McMacintosh computer. Sorry had to say it, don't shoot.

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