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  1. I'm new to LF and have questions.What is the quality of this lens? I plan to use it on 4 x 5 landscapes, is it useful for this?

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    It's a Tessar type lens and should be reasonably sharp, but without a lot of covering power at infinity. If you aren't using a lot of movements it should be fine, but if you start to use a lot of front tilt or shifts you may run out of image.
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  5. It's a sharp-enough lens with good contrast if properly coated. As previously stated, a Tessar copy.

    The image circle is slightly more than is needed to cover 5"x4" - its shorter sibling, the 135mm Xenar, was standard issue on many 5x4 press cameras. Not so wide as to allow much rise/fall or shift though.
    Perhaps you could squeeze an inch or so of movement at f/22... provided you didn't look too closely at the corner image quality.

    Swing/tilt shouldn't be too limited as long as you shift the optical centre of the lens back to align with the centre of the frame.

    IME the coating and glass of the front and rear element are quite soft. It's common to find Xenars with fine cleaning scratches, where some ham-fisted owner has scrubbed away at the glass with a dirty handkerchief or similar. This will obviously take the edge off the contrast.

    As with all lenses, condition is everything.

    Oh, BTW. The little tab sticking out from the shutter at the bottom of your picture is the 'preview' button. This allows the shutter to be opened for focussing and composition. Don't forget to close it before pulling the darkslide!
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