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  1. Any opinions on this lens in general and for 4 x 5 landscapes?

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  2. I'd expect it to be quite decent. The "normal" lens for 4x5 is usually a bit longer, like 210 or so, allowing shifts and tilts to be used, so you might be limited there. In fact, I don't know the coverage, so you might see some falloff in the corners. This may be useful- Schneider Xenar 150mm f/5.6
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  5. Your lens is the 4 element Xenar, it is very capable of making excellent landscape photos. Consider it a general purpose lens, it was sold as the entry level lens for 4x5 cameras. The more expensive Symmar is a bit sharper in the corners but you won't see it until you enlarge to 20x24 or larger.
  6. Do i have to contact a moderator?
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  8. Donโ€™t worry about it.
  9. For a number of years I used a 4x5 view camera for landscapes with my one and only lens, a 150mm Schneider Symmar S. 150mm, for 4x5, like 35mm for 35mm full-frame cameras, is a good all-around choice for landscapes.

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