schneider g-claron 9/305mm

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by rainer_viertlb_ck, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. i have an offer for the schneider-kreuznach g-claron 9/305. i just
    have a 210mm and a 400mm so the 305mm would be what i can need, and i
    believe that the g-clarons are also good lenses for closed distances.
    is this right? would be nice to read some experiences with this lense
    from people who use(d) one.
    also the lense comes without shutter but i want to use it
    on a linhof technikardan. which shutter could i mount? has anybody a
    used one?....
    greatings from germany
    rainer viertlböck
  2. Rainer: You could spend hours reading all the comments on this board about the G Clarons. (Almost all of it favorable, at least from the people who use them.) Stopped down to f:22 they are excellent lenses for shooting at infinity. A barrel lens should screw right in to a Copal 1 or same sized Compur shutter. Check the spacing of the elements to be sure, but this should work without any difficulty. If the price is right, considering the price of the shutter and an f stop scale, I think you'll be pleased with the performance of the lens.
  3. "will fit a Copal 1" is what I toght too. It was an old lens, so the price of $130 was right for a lens who would fit a COMPOUND #2! The seller thougt I was going to use it on Sinar with big after-lens shutter.

    So there are more than one version! The new could fit Copal #1. Be sure what you buy, and in what condition. Nice lens.

  4. was it a G-Claron or a Repro-Claron? They are different (as I found out... :) )
  5. hi tim,
    it is described here...
  6. Rainer,

    the 9/305 G-claron which is offered on ebay is agood lens, but it is the older version which may not fit standard #1 shutters. You would need an older type compur shutter.


  7. thanks joerg...
    what name has such a compur shutter? i mean which size it has ?
  8. you should ask the seller what the diameter of the thread are.
    Both the front and rear elements. That will clarify things.

  9. Rainer,

    sorry for my late reply, I believe it's a compur #2 shutter.

    Best regards


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