Schneider 90 vs. 72 filters

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  1. I wonder if the thread/diameter for the Center Filter is the same for both lenses ?
  2. Why not check their specifications on the Schneider web site?
  3. I've been there first ( Never found the reply, either in Filter or XL Lenses.
    Apparently Adorama has two different references for 72 mm and 90 mm XL Center filters,
    but I'm not sure though because both are 95 mm diameter.
  4. No, they use different center filters even though they both have a 95mm filter thread. This is because they cover different angles. The same thing applies to the Rodenstock Apo Grandagon 35, 45 and 55mm lenses. Even though they have the same 67mm filter thread as the 75mm 4.5 and the 90mm 6.8 the Apo Grandagons use a different center filter with a diferent maximum density as the fall off is different due to the increased angle of illumination of the Apo Grandagons.
  5. If you want to check Schneider's recommendation on their web site click here:
  6. Thanks a lot Bob.
    In fact, I had finally found the information comparing on BH pages.
    Awful kind of you, thank you for your time.
  7. It is a slightly hard to find the information at Schneider's website: Photography -- Literature -- Center Filters. The link to the PDF is:
    I assume that you mean the 72 mm and 90 mm Super-Angulon-XL lenses. For the 90 mm the PDF lists the IVa filter. For the 72 mm it lists the IVb, with a footnote that the IVa is also usable. So if you want to use one center filter for both lenses, the IVa is the one, though less optimum for the 72 mm Super-Angulon-XL lens for the reasons that Bob explained.
  8. Thank you, Michael.
    I hope the reverse were true : using the IVb with the 90 mm XL.
    Apparently, Schneider gives only the :
    5.6/90 XL IVa 96° 201 110° 259
  9. Either can be used as a substitute, but doing that the filter will not be as effective as using the proper one.
  10. You mean IVa can be used with 72 as well as IVb with 90 ?
    But Schneider gives it only one way and not the opposite.
  11. Look at both asterisks at the bottom of the chart
  12. Bob,
    I don't get it, because I only see "also usable CENTER-FILTER IVa",
    not the opposite.
  13. Sorry, yes you are right. But as they are the same thread size some people do use one on both depending on which one they have.
  14. Yes, apparently the difference won't be noticeable, especially for BW.
  15. Finally, could we consider the Center Filter as mandatory for B/W portraits ?
    Some photogs consider it's mainly useful for color and landscape.
    Is the falloff so annoying ? It could be part of shot too.
  16. If you like or don't mind darker corners, or if you will overlight the corners or if you will dodge and burn each print then you would not need the center filter.
    If you do mind any of the above then you need the center filter.
    Both lenses have a 95mm screw thread.
  17. It seems quite clear, Bob (if I dare say so).
    Thanks a lot for your time.

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