Schneider 300mm f/5.6 Symmar S or schneider 305mm f/9 G-Claron

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  1. I just purchased the 305mm, but am having second thoughts mainly around focusing. Is there a big difference between the two? Which lens do you have and what do you like about it? thanks
  2. I have the G-Claron (Dagor version) and f/9 is no problem focusing. It's a great lens.
  3. 355/9 Repro Claron. It seems screen brightness wise easier to groundglass focus than an f8 Super Angulon. - Dunno what focusing issue in which use case we are talking about. - Focus should pop quite well into your GG view with the 305/9; according to teleconverter math like with a 50mm f1.5. - I wouldn't know who 'd complain about those.
    Subject lighting for ground glass visibility can be a bit of an issue, but I'd simply bring and place auxilliary lights for that purpose. Assuming I was to shoot inside a dim home, doing either really long exposures in the available darkness or using flashes, I'd utilize a powerfull LED battery light to iluminate the spots of my image I am focusing on.
    To clarify: Yes, old TTL focusing cameras can be quite dim. I recall shooting my Mamiya C330 with 55/4.5 WA lenses in a jazz cellar (with flash) and struggling. If I wanted to shoot LF there I'd rely on rangemeter focusing and external viewfinders for my Technika. The 1.5 extra f-stops provided by the Symmar S might sometimes be nice to have but I assume they'll rarely be game changing crucial. And you 'll have to pack the hand lamps anyhow in case you'll get convinced to try an WA shot at those locations.
    YMMV if you are obsessed about shooting cities at night or such.

    I haven' gotten going and lens testing with LF. I basically scooped up what crossed my way, locally, and yes I have slightly faster standard lenses too. Did your second thoughts grow hands on or with parcel on it's way?
  4. You can easily focus with a 300/9 lens. No problem here.
    But think about size... #1 shutter in the G-Claron vs #3 in the Symmar.
    And weight... the Symmar sure doubles the G-Claron.
    That wider aperture has a cost. I would only doubt if it were for exclusive use in a studio.
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