schneider 110xl -- the true aperture?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by forrest_hartman|1, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm a new owner of schneider's 110XL lens, and I've noticed when
    setting the aperture to 5.6 (the lens' widest), a very slight sliver
    of the shutter blade remains visible inside the lens, around the
    extreme edge. Only when I push the lever a little beyond 5.6 (that
    is, "off the scale") does this sliver fully disappear.

    So, just where is the TRUE 5.6 setting? Is it when 5.6 is indicated,
    or is it when the lever is pushed a little beyond 5.6 (until no
    sliver shows)?

    Of course, this raises a related question: if the TRUE 5.6 occurs
    when the lever is moved beyond 5.6, does this mean that all other
    aperture settings are sligtly inaccurate?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I should clarify that when I refer to this "sliver," I'm referring to the diaphragm blades, not the shutter blades!
  3. f/5.6 is acheived when indicated.
  4. Thanks for the reply, Mike. The diaphragm blades of my other lenses are always fully retracted at their widest indicated aperture. It seems odd that the Schneider 110xl is different; that is, when f/5.6 is indicated, its diaphragm blades are still blocking some degree of light. I thought the aperture lever may have needed some re-calibration, but I guess it's a feature of this lens.
  5. I dont have a 110XL, but yours COULD be off. I have a SA 121mm f:8 which gives f:9 with the aperture lever at f:5.6! It is quite possible that the aperture setting is wrong.
  6. Forrest, after seeing your post I checked my own new 110XL and find that I do not see exposed blades at 5.6. They are concealed right at the 5.6 setting. Perhaps the scale is a little off on your lens.
    Good luck. The 110XL is a great lens!
  7. my 110xl has a "true" aperture of 6,3 when it indicates 5.6. nearly all lenses of schneider and rodenstock does not have the true full aperture. if you measure the lense with a "ttl" system as the sinar booster you will realize this.....

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