Scanning Panoramic Negatives

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  1. I have been using widelux and horizon cameras, shooting 35mm film to make
    panoramic negatives. I own an Epson 750 flatbed scanner. Does anyone have a
    method for scanning these odd sized negatives? Thanks.
  2. I have an Epson 3200 and the standard film holder works fine. Image area can be freely selected in the pro mode. I also have a Minolta Multi Pro and there I use the glass holder and 6x8 mask into which I have made a 25x66mm separate overlay. I use it with Noblex and XPan slides and negatives.
  3. The HP Photosmart S20 scanner is long discontinued, but probably still available on the secondhand market at a very reasonable price. It'll handle 35mm frames of arbitrary length, up to the equivalent of 5 standard frames (about 7 inches).
    I don't have a panoramic 35mm camera, but I once used my Photosmart S20 to scan a panoramic portion of a 120 6x6 negative. I had to cut the 120 film down to a strip 35mm wide to make it fit in the scanner, but then it was easily able to handle the length.
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  4. The Epson 750 scanner has negative holders for 35mm, 2.25 and 4x5 negs.. The holders seem to communicate with the scanner in some way so that the negative size is recognized in producing the thumbnails and scans. Its actually very elegant for 'conventional' negs. The problem of course is that these negatives are like a 35mm neg in height, but a 6x6 in width and the scanner can't 'understand' this.
  5. If you use the medium format holder, surely you can select the cropping when making the scan? Otherwise how does the scanner know whether you put a 6x4.5 or 6x7 or 6x9 slide into the holder?
  6. I got the first roll from my Horizont camera developed. I could have scanned it with my flatbet scanner or in parts (and than stitched) with the LS-4000. Instead I bought the S20 (learned about it in this thread,did not know such thing existed).
    The scanner did not arrive already, but I have a question: How should I cut my film? How long strips can the S20 handle? I guess it can not be fed with an entire roll at once.
  7. I should leave such questions until you actually get that 21 year old scanner working!

    Review of HP Photosmart S20

    Personally, if I owned an LS-4000 I'd have used that and stitched two or three frames together.
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  8. My panoramas are created in the computer, not with a wide view camera, but I do scan lots of outsized images like maps and such, there I do it in sections on a flatbed (I find it makes it easier if you keep things square on the glass when you're working). Sometimes Photoshop does a swell job of stitching things together, sometimes it needs manual assistance.
    help in stitching​
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