Scanning Fuji Pro 160C

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by robert_martin|5, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. I am scanning my first roll of Fuji Pro 160C medium format film with
    a Nikon 9000 using Nikon Scan 4.0.2 and am not satisified with the
    results. The only thing I have enabled is ICE. I am saving Adobe
    RGB profile in 16 bit mode. Images appear too green and greens
    appear brighter than other colors. Levels plots show Blue covering
    the entire range of 0 to 255, Green is 28 to 255, and Red is 16 to
    251. When I scan Fuji NPC using the same settings for the scanner I
    get almost perfect color balance. I am scanning images taken at the
    same location. Anyone have any recommendations or good experience
    with Fuji Pro 160C?
  2. NPC was one of the most neutral-scanning films I ever used.
    I'll order 160C but won't have any experience in time to help you.
  3. Robert, I am not satisfied either with my primary scan experience. (used an Epsn RX500 and latest Vuescan 8.3.17). In my eyes the "scans very very well" scanability seems to be a fairy tale from F. Marketing Dept. Find attached an example of overexposed film scanned.
  4. attached the very same example of overexposed film scanned with Epsn Scan V 1.30 on the epsn RX500

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