scanning family photos: CanoScan 9000F Mark II

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  1. how do i set up the settings to get better quality scans? the images just seem blurry and the colors look different from the original.

    i dont know much about scanning photos, just trying to digitize family photos to share with all my siblings.
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    Have the same scanner and have generally had very fine results. Possibly double check the instructions and contact Canon support line. What I did was divide up a portion of the photos (many still to do) I kept only scans of those that were not particularly important to me and sent the hard copy to those who would appreciate them. For myself - I kept the hard copy of my favorites and the scans which I shared with other family members. A daunting task - I wish you well!
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  3. Visit IJ Scan Utility settings, choose jpeg or tiff to Your liking. Use ScanGear function to see available options. Scan the negatives if available. Choose sufficient resolution. Scanner optics are written to have optical limit of 1700dpi, so scanning negatives with more than 2400dpi does not make sense. If images seem too unsharp, tick unsharp mask sharpening box. Choose FARE level in correlation with condition of negatives, there might be advantage of use lower fare level if negatives are clean.

    Colors are a bit different than from minilab prints.
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  4. Thank you both! @hapien I will check those settings today, thank you for helping me know what to look for.

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