Scanning 4x5s, Interpolation?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by nicholas_siebenmorgen, May 4, 2005.

  1. I have been scanning 4x5s on a Imacon Prescision scanner and am
    getting confused about the size. If I want to blow these images as
    big as possible should I scan at the normal "underlined" size, or
    the largest interpolated size? Should I work from this interpolated
    sized if doing a lot of photoshop work, or should I work at its pure
    scan size and then interpolate later if necessary? Does the software
    interpolate the bigger size better than say Photoshop? I am planning
    on eventually having a photo show with huge prints and would just
    like to do it right. thanks for your help

  2. it is better to scan at the maximum real resolution of the scanner , not an interpolated
    value. Using the interpolated value adds data but not information which can cause
    problems in post scanning steps like unsharp masking and noise reduction..
  3. Scan at the native optical resolution. Do not use interpolated sizes; you would better do that yourself after retouching.
  4. For an Imacon definately scan at max optical resolution. It's not that high anyway.
  5. jem


    But it's sharp as a tack and outresolves all of those so called 4800 DPI dekstop scanners by a country mile...

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