Scanning 35mm Slides

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    Gets even faster if you buy an extra holder - the second is ready and dusted when the first finishes.
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  2. I modified a new/old-stock Nikon ES-E28 (cost £10), by opening up its 28mm thread and replacing it with the M42 lens flange from a busted-up Zenith (cost £1). The ES-E28 came complete with a 6 frame filmstrip holder.

    A cheap set of used M42 extention tubes and a Pentax lens reverser completed the conversion. It works just like a Nikon ES-1/ES-2.... but better, since it has the filmstrip holder.
    There are also off-brand front-of-lens copying devices like this available if you look hard.
    Myself and others have previously posted many tips and methods for digitising colour negatives.
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