scanning 120 transparencies

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  1. Hopefully a simple question, what is the minimum dpi that I need to use on a scanner to acheive a quality
    8x10 print from a 120 velvia 100 transparency ?

    Secondly can anyone point me to an example scan from an Epson v700 or 4990 of a 120 6x7 transparency
    on the web ?

  2. Unfortunately, the resolution answer will vary based on the optimal resolution required by your paricular output device. 300 ppi file output is usually enough resolution for most printers. Some can do fine with less but you will have to check for your machines. You might want to go to to do the tutorials and get a better understanding between scanning resolution and printing resolution.

    Doug Fisher
  3. maybe an 1100 pixel per inch resolution?
  4. Andrew, this is one I have wanted to ask, and so to Doug Fisher, thanks from me too for that website pointer. It really is an excellent resource.

    Cheers, Kevin.
  5. This is a great article on how to scan negatives. Warning ! Warning ! if you don't practice this, it's not going to sink in:
  6. With 120 I have found it is easy to get a great 8x10 with even a cheap flat bed (B&W though).
  7. See the two shots of Hearst Castle in my California pics at These were shot with a Bronica RF645 and scanned at 3200 ppi with an Epson V700. Of course, when you have to size the image down to post it on the web, it matters a lot less what the scanning resolution was. I don't think the on-line image would look any different if the scanned res was 1600 ppi or even 800. At full resolution, these shots show amazing detail.
  8. Andrew,

    I did a 4990 and Coolscan 9000 comaprison last year that you can find here:

    The Epson flatbeds do remarkably well so long as your print size won't exceed around A3 size.

    Good luck,

  9. Andrew, the best review that I've seen thus far on the Epson V700 is on the Photo-i web site. Here's the link:

    Based on this review, I went out an bought one. I'm just getting into processing and then scanning my black and white 6x4.5 120 negatives.

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