Scanner recommendations to create contact/proof sheets from 120/220 & 35mm PrintFile negative sleeves

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by greg_lindsey, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. I've searched for this but I'm hoping to find more up-to-date options. I have my 120/220/35mm negatives and positives in plastic Print File sleeves and would like to use a flatbed scanner scan the entire page and create a proof sheet which I can simply print out. I know from reading that flatbed scanners need to evenly illuminate the entire page so I think if there is a scanner which is good for 8x10 negative and positive transparency scans then it would also work well for what I want.
    I've looked at the Epson V750, Canon Canoscan 8800F, as well as Microtek and UMAX brands but it would be great to know if others have advice or experience and a specific recommendation for what I need before I purchase.
    On a side note, I would be satisfied with the scanner's quality for web use but I use a drum scanning service for anything higher quality like prints.
    Thank you in advance!
  2. I just got my V700 and am interested in being able to do this too so I thought I'd try it now. Hope it helps you with your decision.

    [​IMG] Click thumbnail for full res 4meg file.
  3. Thats pretty cool. Do you have to use the film holder? If you rotate the page 90 degrees would it fit within the red borders better? Those are positive transparencies, I'm curious to see how negatives turn out. Thanks for the helpful response, I'm considering a V700.
  4. In this case, film holder is the plastic sheet I keep my film in.
    You will cutoff some portion of the film one way or another. As you can see, if I remove the strips from the holder there won't be the gaps between strips and you could fit all 36 onto the 8" X 10" scanning area.
    Same applies regardless that their slides, negatives or b&w.
    Primarilly I wanted to show what 600dpi scans of 35mm with this scanner would look like. I don't know about the UMAX brand but I expect you can achieve similar results with the others for this purpose. However, I believe when it comes down to actually scanning individual frames of film, I believe the V700 will do the best job compared to these others.
  5. Just to be sure, I don't know if the other brands you listed have an 8X10 (or larger) scanning window for film so I don't know if they would be able to do the same thing just that I believe they can achieve similar results with 600dpi scans.
  6. Had to try fitting the strips of negative film within the film guide - directly on the glass. As you can see, it is cutoff even though physically the strips of film where all within the film guide area. A strip of 6 frames of 35mm will not fit within the 8" side.

    [​IMG] Click picture for full res 2meg file.
  7. My transparencies and negatives are 120 which fits within 8x10 so I should be able to get away with this. Too bad the film guide isn't an inch wider. I'm going to purchase that scanner and perhaps an 8x11 light box will work for 35mm contact sheets if I need.
  8. I use the 7 x 5 printfiles and stick any extra negs in an extra printfile. That's with a V700 and the 8x10 film area guide.

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