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  1. I am having huge headaches last 2 months. I am trying to scan my family pictures dating back to 1997. I have around 1000 pictures. Most pictures are 3.5" x 5". I am using scanner at work (i work for night shift) Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-II C4300 printer/scanner/fax machine. It can scan at 200dpi, 300dpi, 400dpi and 600 dpi. File formats JPEG, PSD, TIFF, (2 more file formats but can not remember names). I am using solely TIFF. I started with 600dpi TIFF but the quality of scans in my pc's display was terrible comparison to original. Then re-scanned with 400dpi again same problem and now scanning with 300dpi. Always same scan results. Images not sharp at all. I can not figure out what is wrong. I wonder maybe scanner i am using is not suitable to scan family pictures because it is a office printer/scanner/fax machine? Do i supposed to sharpen images with a picture software (i have photoshop CS version 8.) I have been googling but did not see anyone else having same problem. Please give me advice and also check the sample picture from scanner. Thanks in advance
  2. You are trying to scan photos on a document scanner, and you want to gte photo quality, which isn't going to happen. It is primarily designed to scan text and figures, not photos. You can probably get better results from a $99 photo scanner. Scans will always be a little softer than the original, and may require sharpening in post.
  3. Yes the scanner Fuji xerox is not really suitable to scan any photographic material.
    Try or buy a flatbed scanner, they are cheap and do a better job.
  4. Thanks for your responses. Can you recommend any scanner for me to purchase.
  5. epson or canon are good choices.
  6. Canon Canoscan 4400F, Epson V100 or V200
  7. Thanks for your answers. I am off the shopping.

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