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Discussion in 'Travel' started by nik_pand, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Hello!
    There is not so much attractions in Oslo, so I recommentto spend more time for Stockholm and Copenhagen.
    If you need a help for a travel organizing so I could recommend Tour operator Baltic Tours Group
  2. The Norwegian Tourist Bureau used to promote The Discovery Route from Christiansand to Bergen via train, bus and ferry. There was an overnight stop along the way. Very scenic. I don't know if all the connection still exist. Also the train from Bergen to Oslo has some great scenery. You can stop at Finse for the night which is a hostel for hikers only a short walk from the RR station.
  3. The OP asked this question over 11 years go. My guess is heโ€™s probably taken the trip by now and, hopefully, many more as well. :)
  4. Note that 'monikamenka' has only one post and it was to find an 11 year old thread and advertise the tour operator. Reported.

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