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Discussion in 'Minox' started by mtc photography, May 19, 2004.

  1. Canon FS4000US film scanner can scan 35mm BW negatives, color print film negatives and chrome slides at up to 4000 dpi. To scan Minox 8x11 negatives or Edixa 16 negatives, I made a provisional mask to hold the 8x11 B&W negative strip or Edixa film strip.
  2. I am just beginning to experiment with scanning Minox. Did your mask fit inside a
    film strip carrier? In your previous scans there seemed to be fewer dust specs than
    these pix - good pix but I just noticed the specs in the blacks.
  3. Jeff, I cut out about 8mm x 150mm slot in the center of a 35mm x 24cm mask to fit in the film slot. The dust removal software don't
    seem to work on B&W.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I'm thinking of that mask solution as well. I have heard from a
    couple others that some of the anti-dust softwares don't work well with any silver
    based B&W negs. I am hoping that the next generations of software address this.
  5. After experimenting with several different mask, I find the following 8x11 mask is simple and effective, with good registration. Cut a piece of xerox paper, 70 mm x 200mm, fold in the middle, then in the middle of the 35mm x 200 mm fold, use sharp razor cut a narrow 8mm wide, 170mm long cut out. About 4mm to each side cut a 9.6mm slit to hold the film strip.
    For long negative, insert both end of the film strip on two slits for short film, insert one end is enough.
  6. Jeff: The dust removal software not working on silver-based negs is a fundamental issue
    not likely to be resolved in software.

    Dust removal works by scanning an additional infrared channel. E-6 and C-41 dyes are
    transparent to infrared light, so any information that shows up in this channel is dust,
    surface damage, etc. and can be marked for removal.

    Since the silver in B & W film is NOT transparent in the infrared region, this just can't work.
    It marks any image density as dust....
  7. For Minox transparency, I use 8x11 slide mount once made by Minox processing lab
  8. Or Easymount made by Pegco

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