Scala update requested. Is it really being discontinued?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by len_kratz, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. I can find no official news on the AGFA website. Main Photo & Imaging
    has my only remaining roll of exposed 35mm Scala, and I'm reluctant
    to order more if it truly is being discontinued. Anyone know the real

    LK in AZ
  2. jbq


    Have you tried dr5? They use a totally different process, and claim that they get better results than scala. In the worst case that could be an alternative.
  3. I'm happy with Main Photo. To my knowledge, they are still processing and selling Scala. My concern is that I've read rumors that AGFA will be discontinuing manufacturing the film.

    LK in AZ
  4. B&H still has it in stock and Duggal still processes it for $8/roll.

    That said, I remember reading that it would no longer be available in Canada.
  5. I just got this reply from Agfa about 120/220 film. Write this person for the answer

    Subj: Re: agfaphoto-067544 WWW-request (agfanet)
    Date: 8/26/2005 6:33:15 PM Central Daylight Time
    From: (John Auer, AgfaPhoto USA Corp.)
    Reply-to: (John Auer, AgfaPhoto USA Corp.)

    Dear Larry,

    Thank you for contacting AgfaPhoto USA.

    Indeed it is true, AgfaPhoto is in the process of phasing out all 120 and
    220 format films worldwide.
  6. That is sad news, indeed. I am an APX 100 user in 120. I suppose it's time to try Fomapan 100.
  7. The situation at AGFA is still very unclear. At the moment, everything is still possible, in the worst case this could mean a complete shutdown of own film production.

    As long as they produce B&W, there will be 120 format, even if they do not "cut" it themselves. APX100 and APX400 in 35mm alone would make no sense economially. If they continue with APX100, there is a good chance for Scala to survive, because the film emulsions are very similiar.

    The whole thing is now more in the hands of politicians and investors, not customers and distributors. Lets hope the best, because a complete demise of AGFA-photo (especially B&W) would be a shame.


  8. Georg,

    I hear what you're saying and it does make some logical sense.

    John Auer, however, is the US customer lead for Agfa Photo USA. As a result, it is likely that he is well-informed about product decisions such as these.

    Agfa has had a history of quietly discontinuing products without providing any sort of notice (APX 25, 4X5 sheet film, etc.) to the consumer.
  9. Official

    Subj: Re: agfaphoto-067545 WWW-request (agfanet)
    Date: 8/29/2005 9:47:50 AM Central Daylight Time
    From: (John Auer, AgfaPhoto USA Corp.)
    Reply-to: (John Auer, AgfaPhoto USA Corp.)
    To: inetjoker@XXXXXX.XXX

    Dear Larry,

    Scala 120 will be phased out this year. Scala 135-36 will be phased out
    during 2006. AgfaPhoto will continue to produce the following 35 mm films:
    Agfacolor Vista 200 & 400, Agfacolor Optima Prestige 100, 200 & 400,
    Agfacolor Portrait 160, Agfachrome RSX 100, Agfachrome Precisa 100 and
    Agfapan APX 100 & 400.

    APS: AgfacolorAPSstar 200.

    John Auer
    AgfaPhoto USA Corporation
  10. I just bought a bunch of 120 Scala and some 35. And guess what, I learned todaythat no more Scala processing in Canada. Mind you, the film is still available for sale in some photo stores, but no processing. The company that does the processing for Canada ( Toronto Image Works ) stopped processing Scala on Sept. 06 - 2005. So I don't know where to process mine now.
  11. Does dr5 produce negative or positive material with Scala? Thanks.
  12. jbq


    dr5 produces a positive with scala, and they claim that their results (chemical reversal) are better than the standard scala process (optical reversal).
  13. Roger -- There are labs in the US that will do the Scala process. On the AGFA website there should be a list of labs that are still running it. The DR5 lab is in Colorado.
  14. If you buy Scala in the UK from 7 Day Shop it used to include a process-paid mailer, but no longer...
  15. Yes, I found Duggal in New York that will process Scala and ship back. Excellent.
  16. On a good note After all these years It is being remade by ADOX.
  17. I know some people comment about resurrection of old threads, and even though I haven't tried Scala,
    thanks for telling us about it.
  18. If I found out that a favorite film of mine was being discontinued, I'd first find out about processing (or the Scala home kits at least) being continued, and if it is, I'd order some to stick in in the fridge.

    Of course, that's only a temporary solution, but what is one to do these days as the old ways die out.:(

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