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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by brian_choong, May 22, 2011.

  1. After using SB700 for few months with my D700, I am very happy with it
    But, last two days when I am shooting a group photo session
    The shooting flow is in this way
    When the people organized, then I will take 3 shots, the interval of each shoot is about 3-5 second
    Then change another group
    When I shooting the 4th group, my SB700 not fire
    I tried turn the power off, the red light still on
    I change the zoom of my lens, the info behind the flash no change at all
    Then, because of the critical time, I pull out my SB700, and put on my SB800 to continue
    After I finish all my shooting, about 20 minutes later, I check my SB700
    The light still on,
    I check the tempreture icon behind the flash, it show low
    I have to open the batteries cover to disconnect the join of the batteries
    Then I close the cover again, SB700 able to shoot again
    After sometime, it hang again...
    I did not shoot continuous with the SB700 and each shot interval should be atleast over 10 second, and I did not shoot every 10 second as well...
    Is this the over heat issue? Or my SB700 defect....
  2. Check to make sure you have the latest firmware. If you do, try doing a reset. If you don't, upgrade it and try again. If the problem persists, I would contact Nikon tech support... you may have to send your flash in for service.
  3. What type of batteries are you using? Could be a problem with rechargables or dying batteries. Try a fresh set of Enegizer, Duracell or Ray O Vac - non-rechargeables.
    Otherwise - sounds like a trip to the repair center - if firmware is up to date.

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