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  1. The SB 26 does great stuff, but the controls are tiny and plastic; you expect them to snap off. These dinky controls make me worry that the gun won't last long. Anyone else notice this?
  2. I don't think the controls are a problem, although small and slightly fiddly, particularly for someone with large hands, they seem at least as robust as most other flashguns. I've also got an SB25 which is similar.

    The one thing i don't like about them is the little locking pin in the shoe. Unless this moves freely it can cause the flashgun to get stuck on the camera. After this happened to me I super glued mine into the retracted position so it can't happen again.
  3. They won't.
    All of Nikon's top line speedlights from that era have superb build quality and stood up to hard (ab)use from pro photographers for years.

    The only 'delicate' bit is the wideangle diffuser, that can get snapped off if knocked while extended. However, most gear can be broken if you try hard enough!

    WRT the locking pin. What usually causes it to jam is forgetting to unscrew the locking wheel before trying to quickly wrench the flash off the camera. This can bend the pin and prevent it from retracting. Then you've got a problem.

    Never using the locking wheel is one solution. Remembering to fully undo it before yanking on the flash is the other.
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