SB-800 MIS-Firing with Quantum Turbo Z

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  1. Could not find anything on this, so here goes...
    SETUP: Set up a SB-800 as a remote, off-camera flash. Attached a Quantum Turbo Z battery with the standard Quantum CKE cable to the hi-voltage port of the SB-800. Set the SB-800 to SU-4 Mode, on Manual power of 1/16, to be triggered when the on-camera flash fired.
    PROBLEM: When I turned on the Turbo Z with the set-up above. The SB - 800 started firing uncontrollably, as fast as it would recycle, non-stop. Only turning the flash or Turbo Z off stops this. This error does not occur under other SB-800 settings (Master, remote) - only on SU-4 mode.
    This problem happened with any one of several SB-800's and both my Turbo Z's, but NOT the regular Turbo.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Some high voltage power supplies that in addition to connection to the High Voltage socket, also provide or require low voltage sync cable connection to the PC sync socket on the SB800 body, use that low voltage signal to gate the sync signal trigger transition and prevent the problem that you experience.
    I guess quality for those Quantum power supplies varies?
    Ask Quantum for help.
  3. Thank you Frank for your input.
    I did reach Quantum and it's a known issue with the Turbo-Z and the SB-800 on SU-4 mode. They have a free fix - a circuit upgrade - and I've got my Turbo-Z's in the shop for that and some new cells.
    Here's the text of the email from their tech:
    "We have a free update that will take care of the problem with the Speedlight in the SU4 mode. It is something caused when the unit is placed into that mode, that interferes with the power coming in from the battery."

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