SB-800 battery cover

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by chuck, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. SB-800 comes with a special battery booster that replaces the normal
    battery compartment door. It supposedly increases cycling speed.
    But installing it requires the removal or original battery
    compartment door. Nikon says just open the door, and push it past
    its normal 90 degrees limit, and the door will pop out. I pushed
    until the little plastic hings is starting to turn white, and about
    the break, and the door did not pop out. Anyone has any ideas?
  2. I posted a similar question a few weeks ago, got useful answers.
  3. My solution was just don't use it... anyway, I did remove mine fairly easily by lifting the door to 90 degrees, then lifting one side out while pushing the other side down. Pops out rather easily that way. Nikon's instructions are pretty crappy on this one.
  4. Yeah, I broke mine following Nikon's instructions. No big deal though; it still seats properly, it's just not attached to the flash body anymore, which, I suppose increases the likelihood of losing it. Could be a better design, no doubt. However, I do love this flash.
  5. For the life of me I can't figure out why anyone would want to waste their time and put this thing on. The four AA batteries you put in it last a long, long time. When they get low it takes about twenty seconds to replace with another four. Maybe I am missing something.
  6. 5 batteries in series raise the voltage, and therefore makes flash recycling faster.
  7. The improvement in recycling time using 5 batteries is insignificant. IMO it's not worth the annoyance of having one battery left over in a pack of 6, nor the extra bulk when fitting the flash into a bag.

    If you want/need fast recycling, use a Quantum Turbo or the high-voltage Nikon pack. At least the Quantum can be used for other flash units too. The recycle time is less than 1 second. In most "candid" situations, it is virtually instantaneous. Your biggest concern is overheating the flash, or forgetting to take off the battery when you set the camera on a table and walk away.

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