SB-600 now or just wait?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by hank_parker, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. I do not have the funds for a SB-900 at the moment, but will be getting one in the next couple of months. I do have some funds for a SB-600 now. Would I be better off getting the SB-600 now, and using it as a slave later to give me more flexibility after I get the 900? I know I would like to have more lighting options down the road, but for now the budget only allows what the budget allows.
    I guess I was asking to wait and get the 900 later, and then see what options I have for adding a second strobe then, or go with the 600 now, knowing the 900 is coming?
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    IMHO get it now, it will come in handy later. It is a good flash.....
  3. Hank,
    I'm confused. Are you getting an SB-900 in a couple of months, regardless if you get the SB-600? Or will the SB-600 purchase delay the SB-900? Your post suggests both ways ("KNOWING the 900 is coming").
    At any rate, I'm not sure of when/if Nikon is going to do another price increase. I have an SB-600 which I paid $239 for about two years ago. Not sure what the price of it is now. The 600 is a great flash. I'd go for it and use it as a slave.
    Out of curiosity, what camera re you shooting? Most DSLR's above entry level have built in commander mode, allowing you to treat the 600 as a slave even if you don't have an 800 or 900.
  4. My older sb600 makes a great slave but it's way too complicated to set. You'll really, really love the sb900 but your sb600 won't go unused either.
  5. Sorry for the confusion. Yes, the 900 will be purchased anyway, it's too good of flash not to have in your equipment bag. The purchase of the 600 will not delay the 900 purchase. I would like to work with a few strobes in the future and purchasing the 600 now would be a step in that direction. I was just a little unsure of waiting till I get the 900 to see what other choices I would have at that point in the future. You know the future may bring many great opportunities... Or, would I be kicking myself for not getting the 600 when I had the opportunity. I really hate that 20/20 hindsite of "dang it, I knew I should have got it then" feeling. ;)
    I think these replies have help me lean toward the side of getting it now, learning to use it the best I can, and when I get the 900, the 600 become the slave. Not that it makes any difference, I will be using it on a D200.
  6. I use my SB-600 on manual 1/64 to fire my strobes wirelessly. Works great.
  7. I did the same thing- Purchased the SB600 for use with a D40X, then later purchased the SB800 to allow use of both flashes in CLS. The SB600 was never again used on camera, but was/is well used nontheless. Now I have a D90with commander mode, so the speedlights are rarely on the camera. The studio flexibility is great with these two speedlights, umbrellas etc.
  8. I love my SB-600. Buy one and keep it as a slave flash for your SB-900.
  9. wonderful, and what I wanted to hear. I just purchased the 600, hopefully it will be here soon. Thanks all!
  10. I'd go for both of them unless a couple hundred towards a nice lens would be a better option for you than a second flash.
    OT - Can't resist a guess, Hank is expecting a refund check from the IRS soon but can buy the SB-600 with currently available funds.
  11. I'd get the SB-600 now. Once you have both, I suspect you'll use the SB600 far more often of the two.
    I also would not rule out a used SB800, it strikes a great price/performance/size balance.
  12. nice guess Glenn, but nope, the mrs. wanted a new sleigh bed, made by Thomasville, and matress set. $6.5K ...and I like sleeping on the bed (as opposed to the couch) :) So some of my equipment "needs" suffered a setback temporarily.
  13. " Would I be better off getting the SB-600 now, and using it as a slave later to give me more flexibility after I get the 900?"
    absolutely. i can't see a reason not to get the 600, since you apparently don't currently have a flash. if a 900 is in your future, it wont obsolete the 600. besides the remote capabilities, there may be times when the 900 is too heavy and bulky to carry. the 600 is like goldilocks' porridge; it's just right for many applications, except, perhaps, when you need full flash power (i generally don't), want flash with a lens longer than 85mm, or need to command other speedlites in CLS. btw, here's a shot taken with d300+sb-600 two nights ago. the 600 was set to 1/2 or 1/4 power.
  14. Ah, yes. SB-900 vs sleeping on couch. Not even close. A new lens on the other hand....
  15. "I also would not rule out a used SB800, it strikes a great price/performance/size balance."
    where are you seeing used sb-800s, dan? it's become hard to find, and for what they want for a new one, you might as well get a 900. it should be $250-$300 used (sold for about $350 last year), but sellers on amazon want $450 for a refurb and $500 for a "lightly-used" model.
  16. In canada it is 375.00 to 450.00 for used one sb800
  17. Yes, get the sb600. It's a nice flash and you will use it. Eric, that is a fantastic picture.
  18. I still used my sb25 works great on the D300
  19. where are you seeing used sb-800s, dan?​

    Cra(i)gslist (fighting the photonet filter :-/) photo section, you just have to keep an eye out, they show up from time time. I recently saw one offered for $275 here in Dallas.
  20. thanks, dan! i'll keep my eye out. i do scan the CL photo/video classifieds here in the bay area from time to time, but havent seen any SB-800s whatsoever. maybe all the Texans have upgraded to the 900 because they like it bigger in the lone star state?
    and thanks for the compliment, ross :)
  21. It's a good flash and as you stated, you can use it as a slave later. I have one I am getting ready to sell in excellent condition.

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