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  1. I have an old Sawyer's Rotomatic 700 slide projector. It has a cable that I think is for a remote control, but the remote itself is missing. The cable is 5-prong male at one end and 5-prong female at the other end (see photo). Even if I could find the remote, I don't see anywhere on the projector to plug in the cable. Does anyone know?

    P1110641 Projector.JPG
  2. I have a couple of old Sawyers's projectors (this used to be the brand that you got with Green Stamps, and was actually quite decently made) and on those, the controls on the projector were on a removable module, which used the same plug as the remote. So you simply pulled out the controls and reconnected them with the cable. sawyer projector control.jpg
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    You could use the remote plugged directly into the projector, or removed from the machine (as shown) but with the cord joining the two. More convenient for slide shows as you didn't have to be within arms reach of the machine.
  4. Matthew and Sandy, thank you very much! Now I see. I can remove the controls, connect them via the cable, and use them as a remote. I don't think I would have figured that out on my own, but it's obvious now. Thanks for the great info!
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  5. Even more convenient, some have a timer to advance automatically. Nothing to hold or press!

    My father bought one of these many years ago, and still has it.
  6. Yes! Mine has a timer. Very nice. My only problem is that we don't do slide shows anymore. However, it sure does remind me of Don Draper's unforgettable pitch for the Kodak Carousel projector in Mad Men.

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