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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by browncam, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. I transfer my raw files from Lightroom to Photoshop ,touch them up a resize them. I try to save them as Jpegs and I get the message. "Cannot save this fle because the file is already in use or was left open by another application". (see Attachment). I change the file name. Get the same message. I close Lightroom. Get the same message. Save the files as PSD's and close Photoshop. Reopen Photoshop and try to save the PSD as a Jpeg and I get the same message.

  2. By any chance are you doing Focus Stacking?

    Have you flattened he image before trying to save it as a JPEG? PSD can save a layered file; JPEG cannot. Also JPEG must use 8-bit (or 24-bit depending upon how you count) color.

    Try saving as a TIFF and see what happens.
  3. bgelfand Thanks for your answer. I can make a jpeg which automatically flattens the layers. Just can't save it.
    I tried saving as TIFF and it saved it ,no problem.
  4. bgelfand.... Meant to say saving as tiff does not solve my problem because I need a Jpeg.
  5. Try "Save As" with a new name. Sounds like you already have a Jpeg file of the same name open somewhere. If you can't find the open file, as a last resort, reboot the computer and try again. :)
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  6. Mary... Thanks for your reply. I have tried renaming and rebooting without success.
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  7. I contacted Adobe and they solved the problem by updating my software.
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  8. Awesome. I did Google and found it's not an isolated issue.
  9. When I get that message its because I haven't closed the original file.

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